Why you should drive like you putt


A great swing thought to improve your tee shots this weekend.

Fault: Poor rhythm and power through snatching the club away

Fix: Take the driver back like a putter, low and slow

One of the most common driver problems we see is cocking the wrists early in the backswing.

Though wrist cock in itself is not a bad move, it needs to be blended with armswing and body turn if you’re to keep the club on plane and with a good arc.

Cock the wrists too early and you risk yanking the club offline and creating an arc that’s too steep for a club that needs to sweep the ball away.

But there is a simple solution, and it involves bringing your putting stroke into your takeaway.

Here’s how...

1. Putter sweep

Take your driver set-up. But for the club’s first move back, aim to replicate your putting stroke. Move the club with the same slow pace, keeping the head low to the turf, until it passes your trail toe cap. Keep the hands quiet, just as you do when putting, letting the bigger shoulder muscles control the club.

2. Natural width

With the bigger muscles making more of a contribution to this first part of the swing, you’ll find it much easier to create the wider arc that promotes power and a shallower and more effective attack angle.

3. Better tempo

This more measured start gives you the feeling of building speed slowly and smoothly. It also keeps your hands in front of a rotating chest, a position that shows the body turn and armswing are nicely coordinated.

4. Fresh start

This simple putter-stroke takeaway is the opposite of the snatchy, wristy first move we are trying to avoid. It keeps your hands and wrists muted, using the shoulder muscles to control the motion.