How to cure your fat or thin golf shots video tip


It's week seven in our 'Golf Tip of the Week' series and this week we're looking at how to cure your fat or thin golf shots.

PGA pro Dan Frost, Swingers golf driving range, gives you a free golf video lesson demonstrating how to cure your fat or thin golf shots.


Fat and thin shots ocur when there is either not enough or too much descending blow on the downswing

A fat shot is when you hold back on the club in the downswing an you hit the ground long before you hit the ball.

A thin shot is the opposite of a fat shot. This occurs when you pull the club back up too early and skim the top of the ball, causing it to not travel very far.

To fix this, lift your back foot onto its tow and pull it closer to your front foot, making your stance narrower. Then, when you next swing, instead of trying to alter your weight or transfer it, you will instead bring the club down correctly.