Hit Straighter Irons


Target golf... Nick Bradley explains why excellent alignment at set-up is crucial if you want to hit pin-seeking iron shots.

Just a few millimetres out in your alignment at address can equate to yards out when your golf ball lands on the green. And that can make the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

Use Nick's alignment drill and you've got no excuse for not hitting irons spot-on, every time.

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There are three key features when trying to hit straight irons. Number one is the way you align your club face to your target. Number two is how you align your body to the club face. Number three is determining your starting line for the day.

The most important thing in gaining shot accuracy with your irons os making sure your club face is lined up with your target. This is an area amatuers miss time and time again. Millimetres at the tee equates to yards out by the green.

To ensure that this happens, the best thing to do is to line up the club and club face before lining up your body. If you aren't sure which part of the club to line up to the target, use the tram lines on the face of the club and imagine the continue off the face and aling the ground til they reach the target. Once you're happy with the club face alignment, step in and take the shot.

Lining up the body first and the club second will not be as accurate and the other way round. Always align your body around your club face. Keep your feet parallel to the club face.

The final key is determining the starting line of the ball. Once you've decided on the starting line, you can plan for any curves in the ball's path.