Play The Ball Above Your Feet With Graeme McDowell


New US Open champion Graeme McDowell has just become the first European player to win the event in 40 years and he did so at the ultra-difficult Pebble Beach Golf Links where difficult lies are commonplace. Here he tells you how to play a shot with the ball above your feet:

This is a really tough shot. The slope is trying to push your weight back on to your heels so it’s really important to make a conscious effort to keep your weight on your toes, and to maintain this through impact. Remember, the ball is going to come out with some right-to-left movement on it, so make allowances for that.

Also, think about maintaining your height through impact, making sure that your head and your chest stay nice and tall; otherwise you’ll contact the ground too early.

Think about maintaining your height
I tend to keep my legs as quiet as I can on this shot, because I am conscious that balance is such an important issue.

Grip and inch or two further down the shaft than normal
I tend to grip the club an inch or two further down the shaft than I normally would. That way, with the ball above my feet, I feel half the job has already been done for me.