Create downswing lag with a tee


Not only will your free tees and ball marker with this month’s copy of Today’s Golfer come in handy on the course, they can also help you play better golf!

We’ve compiled a series of exclusive video tips and drills using your free gifts to fix common faults and help you hit the ball longer and straighter, as well as sharpening your short game.

Many club golfers lose distance because they expend the energy built up in the club too early in the downswing, a move known as ‘casting’. The goal should be to store the power in the club head for impact by maintaining the angle in the wrists for as long as possible.

A good drill to achieve this is to place a tee in the butt of the club and make it point down the target as the club reaches its delivery position. This will help store the power for impact, adding yards to your golf shots.