• Flare the left foot out at address

    Written by Rob Watts on Monday, 11 June 2012

    There are plenty of golfers can struggle with poor hip action through the ball. This fault leads to a more ‘flippy’ impact where the clubhead isn’t descending into the ball as much as it should. You can alter your set-up to encourage your hips to be open at the point of impact and promote a more downward strike with this advice...

  • Strike irons better with a downward blow

    Written by Gareth Johnston on Friday, 8 June 2012

    Crisp iron shots rely on the clubhead striking the ball as it is still moving downwards, creating a divot after impact. An easy way to encourage this during practice is to place an obstacle behind the ball. In this golf video tip, TG Elite Pro Gareth Johnston has placed a towel a clubhead’s width behind the ball. This promotes a downward...