Putting Distance Control Made Easier


Graeme Storm Instruction

I had a patch last season when I found that I was losing my feel for the distance putts. I struggled to get the pace right and kept leaving myself tricky ones coming back.

A tip my manager, Chubby Chandler, gave me was to try and visualise the ball ‘just dropping into the hole’. That thought helps you to imagine a pace that will get you tight up to the hole side and on long putts that’s got to be your priority.
If I’m 30 feet away, then coming up an inch short isn’t a problem, it’s better than four foot past.

I like to look at a putt from all angles, especially the long ones and it’s quite important to see where the centre of the hole will be when the ball approaches, this also helps you to read the break properly.

One of the first things you do when you’re struggling is grip the putter too tight. Try and loosen your grip and relax, it can lead to much better results.