Putting essentials

3. Use your instincts 


A free-flowing stroke that allows the ball to find the middle of the face is the recipe for success. I see too many people getting bogged down with their putting action and over-complicating things – swinging to set points depending on distance, despite a range of variables (i.e. green speed, slope, green quality etc, etc) is a classic example. This easy, four-step method is a great way of freeing up the stroke and works on any length of putt. Count as fast as the second hand on a watch ticks. To help you in practice, say it under your breath, remembering
you strike the ball on the count of four.

Putting Essentials

1. Look at the hole

2. Then at the ball

3. Swing back

4. Hit the putt

 Rise angle 

Putting Essentials

Practising with a tennis ball is really effective. You can't hit the bottom of the ball as that causes it to skid and bounce in the air. You should feel as though you are brushing up on the ball to get it to roll properly, like rolling a tyre across the ground.


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