Perfect your Posture


Do you suffer from…

• Lack of power
• Limited weight transfer
• Loss of distance

Why does this happen?

Poor posture is a common cause of of all the above problems. A slouched position limits rotation and therefore reduces the amount of power that can be generated. It can also affect the sequence the body starts down in.

The Fixes

1. Try and achieve a small curvature in the lower back. This creates more coil to the swing and a more athletic posture.

2. The arms should hang directly down from the shoulders ensuring there is an angle between the arms and shaft.

3. As you look down, your knees should cover your shoe laces to feel the right amount of knee flex.

4. Positioning the right foot straight encourages the body to coil because it gives you something to turn against. Having the left foot slightly open encourages weight transfer on to the left side through impact.

Posture Drills

Place a club down your back. It should be in contact with the body in three places – the back of the head, top of the back and top of the backside. By achieving this, you will have created the perfect spine angle.

hand spacing

Your hands should be 6-8 inches away from your thighs at address. Place a spaced out hand inbetween top of handle and thighs. This creates the ideal arm hang and will ensure the sole of the club to lie correctly on the ground at address.

Extra tip!

sole at address

When you strike the ball the shaft of the club bends outwards and downwards due to the force of the impact and pushes the sole of the club level to the ground. So at address, the toe of the club should in fact be slightly off the ground. You should be able to position a 2-pence piece under the toe of your club at address.