Wedge Set-Up With Phil Mickelson


Phil Mickelson Golf Instruction

The combination of wedges you use is your best chance to dial in your set for the course you’re going to play. I have a pitching wedge, a gap wedge, a sand wedge and two lob wedges – a 60˚ and a 64˚.

Why do I have two lob wedges? Because they’re each great for different shots. The 60˚ has 10˚ of bounce, which makes it good for standard shots from greenside bunkers or rough and when the ground is spongy.

The bounce helps guide the club for solid contact. The 64˚ wedge has a lot less bounce – 6˚ – which is perfect for sliding the leading edge under the ball from tight, firm lies, like at Augusta.

A high-lofted club can be nerve-racking for the average player to hit, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to give the grooves on the face enough time to grip the ball and send it up and forwards. To do that, make a controlled, rhythmic swing. Don’t give it a little extra burst of power through impact. If you do that, you’ll cause the ball to crawl up the face, and the club will go right under and pop it up.

Phil Mickelson Wedge Set-Up...

Phil Mickelson Wedge Set-Up