Driving tips: Ramp up the speed

Torso, arms and hands


The leg and hip movement rotate the torso which begins to work the arms and hands. From here, swing speed is generated by how fast you can move your left arm and shoulder through the swing and your club and body's range of motion. These four key positions for your arms and hands will increase your speed as they all store power that you can unleash at impact. In short, for maximum speed and power your swing needs to be wide in the backswing, narrow in the down swing and wide again after impact.

 Wide takeaway

 Bounce it

Driving Tips

Driving Tips

Maximising the width of your swing is crucial and it starts with the takeaway. Extend your arms fully, feeling as though the right arm (right-handers) is stretching the left away from the ball.

Relax your wrists and let the shaft bounce off your shoulder. This was the top drill of long drive legend Jason Zuback. This narrowing on the first move down creates more lag and faster downswing rotation.


 Relaxed wrists

 Right arm throw

Driving Tips

Driving Tips

Loosen your wrists to create more wrist cock at the top of the backswing. This will help you create that speed-increasing lag as the wrists uncock and then rotate at greater speed through impact.

This is the signature move of Long Drive record holder Mike Austin. Shifting your pelvis towards the target allows your right shoulder to move down which lets the right elbow get to the hip before the hands.


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