Reader interviews at the Scoring Academy

A big part of the Cleveland/Srixon Scoring Academy experience for our six readers was a personal lesson with Tour player and top coach Andrew Murray. He selected a specific area of the short game where our lucky readers Derek Rainbow, Michael Blakebrough, Paul Leatherdale, David Hayden, Martyn Randall and Chris Fiely could each really improve their scores. Each golfer was given technique tips to work on and equipment advice to help them maximise their ability. The advice really enabled our golfers to improve their pitching, bunker play, chipping and putting. Click below to watch our interviews with each reader to hear their thoughts on the academy and how they each improved their games…

Chris Fiely Watch our interview with Chris Fiely (handicap 12) here 
David Hayden What did David Hayden (handicap 16) think of the Scoring Academy? Watch his interview here
Derek Rainbow Hear Derek Rainbow's comments about the academy here (handicap 21)
Martyn Randall Did Martyn Randall (handicap 24) improve during the academy? Watch his interview here
Michael Blakebrough
Watch our interview with Michael Blakebrough (handicap 8) here
Paul Leatherdale
Find out how Paul Leatherdale (handicap 20) thought of the Academy here