Overcome plugged bunker lies


Discovering a plugged lie may give you a gut-wrenching feeling, but if you take a deep breath and regroup you’d be surprised at how well you can do when you apply the correct technique.

Strategy is important here, too. If the pin is cut tight, lower your expectations as there’s zero chance of generating any spin from here. A back flag gives you more hope as the ball will release up to it on landing. Predicting how the ball will come out is impossible, but favour getting the ball out over trying to get cute and knock it close. Again, practice is essential for success.

Having the clubface square or slightly shut allows the leading edge to make first contact with sand about one inch behind the ball. There is little body turn here, as Andrew Murray explains in this video tip.

The backswing will be more upright or “armsy” - this is assisted by being closer to the ball at set-up. Your goal is to pick the club up and drop it into the sand at speed with the weight maintained on the left at top.