British golfers aren't out to win


British Golfers Paul Casey and Luke Donald have dismissed Vijay Singh's claims that young British players are all too happy to coast along in their comfort zones.

The Fijian questioned the desire of the next generation of British golfers to break through into the top echelons of world golf shortly before the US Open.

"These British golfers find themselves having a fine time and wondering 'why should I bother to work hard?' Their way of life is so comfortable," Singh said.

"Real winners are a different kettle of fish to the rest. They have one-track minds, whether they're playing golf or any other sport.

"Nothing, simply nothing, interferes with what they're doing. They don't worry about their hotel room, they don't worry about what they're going to eat for dinner. Instead they think, play and live their sport all the time."

But two British golfing talents have moved quickly to dispel any thoughts of the country's rising stars not fulfilling their potential.

"I think I work incredibly hard off the course," said Casey. "I'd like Vijay to come and do a session with me. See how he gets on. I am happy with what I put in.

"On weeks off I am in the gym by seven, then on the course by 10 and there until four. That's not including the work I do on the mental side - and I go riding on my bike in the evenings."

Donald, the world number 18, said: "We're all different. Obviously, Vijay's way is not everyone's. After all, you have plenty of players who have done great things in golf without working all the time.

"I don't pay too much attention to things like that," he went on. "I just concentrate on what I can do better."