new srixon balls


Srixon has announced the launch of a new and improved version of it’s best selling 2 piece golf ball – the AD333.

Featuring a new core, cover and aerodynamics, the golf ball that has become Srixon’s best selling product in the UK market, is now faster and longer than the original.

A Srixon spokesperson said “ We have made the new AD333 a better ball for the everyday golfer by re engineering the cover and core and applying new aerodynamics that all combine to give optimal performance.

Srixon’s new Pana-Tetra blended cover combined with a highly resilient, soft Energetic Growth core and a new 333 dimple pattern will provide greater distance for all golfers through improved ball speed and optimized launch conditions.”

The AD333 is designed for golfers of all abilities, who will now enjoy greater performance from this latest version.

The new highly resilient, soft Energetic Gradient Growth core provides faster ball speed than it’s predecessor with the same optimal high launch angle and low spin launch conditions.
The core’s soft compression also allows golfers with average to moderate swing speeds the ability to maximize their distance potential.

The new Pana-Tetra blended cover provides a higher launch angle plus reduces driver spin, whilst maintaining the softness of the cover.
This results in increased driver distance without sacrificing greenside spin and playability.

The new 333 aerodynamics features six different dimple sizes with larger dimple diameters and greater dimple surface coverage.  This means that high speed drag is reduced and helps to provide a shallower angle of descent for greater roll and carry.

The new AD333 will be available in both green grass outlets and leading off course retailers from Autumn  2007 and has a suggested retail price of £25 per dozen