Power Zone Training Aid


They say:

This uniquely designed bag encourages a flat left wrist, develops correct muscle memory and increases upper body strength. It promotes powerful swing for greater distance and eliminates unwanted wrist movement. The Power Zone helps to develop upper body strength, improves the consistency of your swing, promotes proper muscle memory and helps you to gain a consistent impact position and power in your drive.

Wayne's verdict:

At first I was a bit concerned that hitting the bag would hurt my wrists or damage my club, so I started easy, but I was soon smashing drivers into it. The Bullseye target on the side of the bag was a fantastic focus and I quickly developed a consistent strike pattern in the centre of the circle. When I started hitting balls again I found it much easier to strike the ball out of the middle of the club, and my timing was noticeably better; the combination of which added considerable distance to my drives. At just £15 the Power Zone is a cheap and fun way of doing what we blokes love, thrashing our driver. And it really does work!

Distance gained: 15 yards

Price: £14.95

Contact: 0845 0506545
Website: www.perfectmygolf.co.uk