Winter Golf Drills

Set Up Drill: Learn to optimise your set up for hitting your best shots

Do you struggle with your set-up? TG Top 50 Coach Scott Cranfield teaches you how to fix your set-up and let the club do the work, optimising your ability to hit the best shots. 

Scott talks through how amateurs often accidentally set up with the club too far back in order to put loft in your club, which might be stopping you from being in the optimal place. Place a club on the ground and set up to it with your club directly behind it, and think your only job is to drive that club along the ground.

Watch the drill below to fix your set up

Pendulum Drill: Get better at putting with this pendulum drill 

In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Adrian Fryer talks you through the pendulum putting drill to help you develop a stroke that doesn't have any 'hit' in it to give you a nice, smooth action. 

Instead, make the putter do all the work. For this drill you'll need a simple door stop from any DIY store or supermarket, and wedge it between the handle of the putter and your left wrist. If you properly use a pendulum stroke, the door stop will stay where it is. 

Watch the video below to see how he does it! 

Left Foot Drill: In this drill, TG Top 50 coach Gareth Johnston talks you through a simple drill to help you with your driver

Do you struggle to start your downswing correctly? In this exercise, Gareth will help you start you turn behind the ball and start the downswing with your driver in the right position for maximum power. 

When you get to the top of the back-swing, lift your left foot off the floor to help you turn your left shoulder behind the ball correctly and start the downswing by planting it back on the ground. 

Watch the video below to see how he does it!  

Lob Shot Drill: Learn how to hit a lob shot with this simple drill 

In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Simon Payne teaches you how to properly position your body and your club as he shows the secrets behind hitting a lob shot. 

Use a much less lofted club (he uses a 7-iron in this video). To hit a lob shot, make sure you move the handle of the club back the way and down in order to increase the loft of the club, widen your stance and move your ball position further forward.

Follow Simon's instruction in the video below. 


Did you know that where you stand in the bunker could be the reason you aren't getting out of the sand? 

Bunker Drill: In this video, European Tour Professional Paul Waring shows you a drill that you can use to practice bunker shots - and it's as simple as drawing some lines in the sand. 

Paul says: "I start by drawing a line down the line of the actual shot I'm trying to hit - towards the flag. I'll then draw in the sand at right angles to that so that ball is in the middle of a cross. This gives me a target line and a centre line of where I need to stand.

Watch the video below as Paul talks you through his bunker drill 

Follow this simple drill from one of our TG Top 50 Coaches to improve your balance and consistency

Do you have trouble getting a consistent strike? In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Simon Payne will help you improve your balance and consistency and strike by adapting a classic drill.

The classic drill involves putting your feet together to help improve the balance in your swing, but it can often restrict the hip rotation and cause the hands to flip. As shown by Simon in this video, simply moving the left foot to a different position will help you practice this drill more effectively for better shots.  

Watch the video below to help you get a more consistent strike on your drives

Improve your consistency: Follow this simple drill from our TG Top 50 Coach and improve your consistency on the course. 

Do you have trouble maintaining a good rotation through your swing? It could be a big cause of your inconsistency on the course... 

In the drill below, TG Top 50 coach Simon Payne talks you through an adaption of the classic towel drill to help improve your rotation and connection between your arms and body while you swing. 

Watch the video below to improve your consistency on the course now

Clubface Control Drill: Follow this simple drill from our TG Top 50 coach to fix your position at impact. 

Do you know that getting in to the right position at impact is important for your consistency? In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Simon Payne talks through a common fault of amateur golfers when they come through impact.

To fix the problem of flipping your wrists at impact, take two clubs for this drill then place one in each hand and practice making swings.

Watch the video below, and Simon will show you both the do’s and dont’s of this exercise.

Follow this simple drill from European Tour Pro Paul Waring and learn how to get more consistent on greenside shots. 

Do you struggle to get consistently close to the pin from the side of the green? You might be using your arms and forgetting to use your body. 

Paul Waring says, "With a lot of the guys I speak to that struggle with chipping, I find that they move the club more than the body allows them to. By that I mean is that you see the club move, but without the body."

"This creates a lot of energy in the club head and it's not being supported or controlled by the body so you get a little bit of flash speed, making it hard to control the distance or put spin on the shot."

Watch the video below to find out how chipping like you are putting will help you with those tricky green-side shots

Casting Drill: Use a simple dog-ball thrower to improve your casting

In this drill, TG Top 50 Coach Simon Payne teaches you how to use a simple dog ball thrower (which costs jut a couple of pounds) to improve your casting through the ball. 

The main problem amateurs have is the difficulty with maintaining the angle of their club, which will cause them to hit behind the ball (and in the case of the ball in the dog-ball thrower, the ball will hit the ground before completing the downswing). If you do this drill correctly and hold the angle, the ball will be thrown in the correct direction. 

Watch the video below and copy the drill to improve your swing angles.