Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    – Stable and consistent ball flight

    – Soft feel

    – Same cover as Pro V1 and Pro V1x

    – Low-spinning for more driver distance

    – Great premium option for slower swings and mid-handicappers

  • Cons
    – Less greenside control than Titleist's Pro V1

    – Not the most durable, especially for the price

  • RRP £48.00

What we say...

Titleist’s 2022 AVX golf ball has a new core, cover and dimple pattern for improved short game spin and control, more driver distance and an even softer feel.

Originally launched in 2018 as their lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest feeling premium golf ball, this is the third iteration of Titleist’s low-compression AVX and sees the core, cover and aerodynamics re-engineered.

The three-piece urethane-covered ball targets golfers who are seeking distance and extremely soft feel with Titleist promising notably better performance from the 2022 generation.

The Titleist AVX golf ball is available in white and option yellow.

Titleist say they listened to AVX users’ feedback before setting to work on the new model, with players wanting more driver distance and enhanced spin around the greens.

To achieve those goals they’ve reformulated the ball’s core, which now generates high speed and low long game spin with exceptionally soft feel.

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Titleist increased the stiffness of the outermost portions of the core, while keeping the centre soft. A ‘High Flex’ casing layer helps to boost the ball speeds and lower spin on long shots for extra distance.

The new softer cover was a specific formulation developed by Titleist’s R&D team. It has increased the differential between the urethane cover and high flex casing, to help improve short game and greenside spin

Titleist's AVX golf ball is into its third generation for 2022.

And then there’s the new ‘348 Tetrahedral Caternary Aerodynamic’ dimple pattern, designed to give a piercing, low trajectory ball flight.

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Titleist say the pattern, designed exclusively for AVX, uses seven different dimple sizes with the new pattern boosting distance and consistency on every shot.

How the Titleist AVX is manufactured

The AVX has been produced at Titleist’s state-of-the-art Ball Plant 3 facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA and at a replica site at Ball Plant 4 in Thailand.

By owning every step of the golf ball making process, Titleist ensures the most consistent performance ball to ball, and dozen to dozen.

The Titleist AVX golf ball has a new core, cover and dimple pattern for 2022.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball: Key Tech

The new Titleist AVX golf ball has been reengineered to deliver unmatched performance in a low compression, multi-layered construction through proprietary core, cover and aerodynamic technologies:

Reformulated Core

– Generates high speed and low long game spin to drive more distance with exceptionally soft feel.

– Increases stiffness of the outermost portions of the core

– Keeps the centre of the core soft

– Incrementally decreases driver and long game spin

– High Flex casing layer promotes high ball speed and low spin on long shots for enhanced distance

Softer Cover

– Contributes to increased greenside spin and control.

– Specific formulation developed by Titleist R&D, and precisely and exclusively cast by Golf Ball Operations

– Increases the soft (urethane cover) over hard (high flex casing) differential which contributes to improved short game and greenside spin

348 Tetrahedral Catenary Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern

7 dimple sizes

Part of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x evaluations that started in 2013

The new pattern is longer and more consistent

Designed exclusively for the low flight window of AVX

The Titleist AVX golf ball has a new dimple pattern for 2022 to improve flight and distance.

What Titleist say about the AVX golf ball

“All components of a golf ball are connected when it comes to performance,” Mike Madson, Titleist’s Director of Ball Aerodynamics and Research Engineering, said. “When we set out to increase distance and enhance greenside spin, we looked at every layer of the golf ball for improvements.

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“New AVX includes improvements to the core formulation, cover and aerodynamics. The dimple pattern is an area of constant innovation. We continuously design and test new dimple configurations so we can match an aerodynamic pattern specific to the golf ball construction.

“With AVX, the 348 catenary dimple pattern is optimised specifically for the low flight window of AVX to produce maximum distance.”

“Flight, spin, and feel are three key performance attributes we evaluate during our green-to-tee fittings and golf ball selection,” Frederick Waddell, Titleist’s Director of Golf Ball Product Management said.

 “AVX provides a low flight, low spin, exceptionally soft feel alternative to Pro V1 and Pro V1x. With these three golf balls, plus Pro V1x Left Dash, every golfer that prioritises performance can find a precise fit for their game.

“With new AVX, we focused on what AVX golfers are asking for: improving upon the already incredible distance and feel that golfers love, while enhancing greenside spin.

“We achieved this by softening the urethane cover to achieve greater short game performance, while adding a new core formulation for speed, and new aerodynamics for flight stability and more distance.”

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The AVX Is one of four premium ball models offered by Titleist in 2022.

Where the AVX fits in Titleist’s premium ball range

The 2022 AVX joins the Pro V1, Pro V1x and Pro V1x Left Dash in Titleist’s premium golf balls line-up, with each model offering different flight, spin and feel.

Compared to the Pro V1, the AVX flies lower, spins less and feels softer. AVX has similar spin for driver and long iron shots and lower spin on short irons and wedges.

But is it right for your game? As with clubs, we’d recommend you get properly fitted for your golf ball to ensure the ball you use suits the way you play and your needs. As the No.1 ball brand in golf Titleist offer excellent ball fitting options, from their online selection tool and virtual consultations to full Trackman fittings. Find out more at www.titleist.co.uk/fitting/golf-ball-fitting

AVX is available in both white and yellow for £48 per dozen.


Product Information

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

RRP: £48 per dozen

Released: February 4, 2022

Previous generations: 2018, 2020

Construction: Three layers

Cover: Urethane

Dimples: 348

Colours: White, Optic Yellow


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