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Which are the best Ecco golf shoes for 2022?

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The Danish shoes specialists entered the golf market in 1994 and quickly established themselves as major players in the market.

The company have a well-deserved reputation for excellence and in recent times have brought out many ground-breaking models. The likes of Henrik Stenson, Fred Couples, Erik van Rooyen, Thomas Bjorn and Lydia Ko have become well-known faces of the brand.

Fred Couples wearing Ecco's spikeless shoes at the 2010 Masters.

Couples and Ecco played a huge role in creating the spikeless golf shoe that is so common today.

The 2010 Masters was a landmark moment in Ecco’s history, when the then 50-year-old Couples became the first golfer to lead a Major while wearing spikeless shoes, leading to countless questions about his footwear in his post-round press conference.

The American went on to finish 6th but had gained some $55 million of unpaid publicity for the brand and made Ecco the 11th most Googled term in the world.

The brand has continued to grow since then, so let’s take a look at the best Ecco golf shoes for 2022.

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Best Ecco Golf Shoes: Unisex


Ecco Biom Hybrid H4 HS Gore-Tex golf shoes

RRP £170 | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black; White; Silver Grey; White + Concrete; Limestone; Ombre; White | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes

Ecco may not produce the most stylish-looking shoes but when you’re treading through stodgy fairways in wet weather, who really cares about appearance? Built for comfort and helping golfers remain stable as they swing a golf club, Ecco has once again come up trumps with the H4.

It is hard to believe you are wearing spikeless shoes. All of its market-leading technology is employed to give you the required support and ease of movement – that includes Gore-Tex so you get breathability as well as it being 100% waterproof – while remaining quintessentially durable.

It is one of Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards winners and our judges debated whether this was the best golf shoe ever. They’re certainly a big favourite of TG Equipment Editor Simon Daddow, who wears Ecco Biom shoes on and off the golf course.

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S3 Men

ECCO Golf S-Three golf shoes

RRP £179.99 | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 4.5-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White; Black; Night Sky (dark blue); Silver Grey; Silver White + Silver Pink; White; White + Ice | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes 

Ecco’s S-Three hybrid golf shoe blends off-course style with on-course performance, offering support in three distinct zones with the introduction of pioneering midsole technology.

It’s Zonal Fluidform, tech creates a moulded midsole with three zones of softness and rigidity to ensure the right balance of cushioning and stability exactly where you need it.

s3 ladies

The heel of the midsole is engineered for medium softness to ensure the right amount of cushioning and comfort, while the central part of the midsole has higher levels of rigidity to deliver outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing. The forefront of the midsole comes with the highest level of softness for exceptional walking comfort.

Due to the advanced multi section injection process, the midsole of every pair of S-Three shoes will have exclusive features and unique colour transitions between the different sections, giving each pair of shoes a distinctive look

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G3 Men

Ecco Biom G3 golf shoes

RRP £210.00; | Men’s – VIEW OFFERLadies – VIEW OFFER
6-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colours options: Black + Grey + Blue; White + Grey; Black + Grey + Green; Blue + White + Red; White + Grey; White + Blue + Green | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes 

The Ecco Biom G3 has been around for a while now but it’s still the one the rest are trying to match.

The G3’s soft Yak leather upper is supple but durable, while the Gore-Tex membrane ensures feet stay dry in the rain but don’t get too hot in the heat.

G3 ladies

The sole has eight Zarma Tour spikes which combine with hybrid cleats to offer exceptional grip and stability.

Expensive, yes, but worth it for the exceptional performance. Looks wise they are not sleek and elegant but this fantastic shoe sets the standard when it comes to the rest of the elements every golfer wants from his or her spiked golf shoe.

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Ecco Unisex Golf Tray golf shoes

RRP £129.00 | Men – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3.5-11.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Concrete + Black; White + Blue Depth; Magnet | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

For those who are always on the look-out for something just that little bit different, the Tray is definitely worth consideration. Some might even consider this shoe a thing of beauty.

Your eyes are almost certainly drawn to the sole where Ecco’s patented Fluidform cushioning system cleverly moulds to the base of your foot. The really clever bit is it is soft but solid which is so Ecco.

Tray Men

The upper leather portion has been created using Ecco’s DriTan process, which reduces the amount of water used in the tanning part of assembly. It has also been given the innovative Hydromax to reinforce the shoe’s water repellent armoury so staying dry just isn’t a problem.

At the very bottom of the shoe Ecco’s E-DTS Twist cleats configuration system which uses slightly bigger cleats in high abrasion areas.

Cool Pro

Ecco Cool Pro golf shoes

RRP £139.97 | Men – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3.5-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Concrete; Silver Grey Dritton; Black; Ombre; Pink; Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

They look like shoes which would help you climb a mountain and they are as tough as they first appear.

It’s not every golf shoe that is partially manufactured from real Yak’s leather which is highly durable. The Cool Pro also benefits from extensive use of Gore-Tex so in terms of protection, it doesn’t get any more considerable. It’s no huge surprise Ecco is prepared to offer a chunky two-year waterproof guarantee.

In the sole you also get Ecco’s Fluidform cushioning system plus you get excellent breathability thanks to the TPU exhaust grid in the mid-section, which helps transport moisture away from the foot.

The eye-catching sole has three distinct areas to aid stability plus quick and easy rotation during the swing.

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Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 shoes

RRP £170.00 | Men – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3.5-11 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Concrete; Black; White + Black; Camel; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The Hybrid 3 is the archetypal modern golf shoe, right down to futuristic-looking undersole, which looks a bit like a heavy-duty tyre tread.

More proof, if it was needed, that you don’t need spikes to generate traction and the model, which which was introduced four years ago, was the first to incorporate the Tri-Fi-Grip outsole featuring three segments engineered for ‘multi-purpose zonal performance’ – one for stability, another for durability and a third for rotational support.

According to Ecco, these zonal structure were the product of intensive research and data analysis in the ECCO Golf Lab. Each is formed from ultra-durable TPU, meaning the shoes can be worn on and off course without affecting.

It also features a Yak leather upper which is super breathable and durable plus a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, which guarantees to keep your feet dry.

Best Ecco Golf Shoes: Men Only

Ecco Lindeberg Tray

ECCO J.Lindeberg Golf Tray Limited Edition golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 7.5-11.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White + Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The two powerhouses of Scandanivian golf manufacturing released their second collaborative effort in the spring of 2022 and once again it is a shoe that will turn heads.

Hot on the heels of the Limited Edition Biom C4, which featured a zipper system, ECCO and J.Lindeberg have one gone one step further by incorporating a buckle into the Tray model.

It might sound strange but looks wise, they have definitely pulled it off and overall this is an elite-level golf shoe.

Ensuring stability, durability, and all-day comfort, they include ECCO’s Hydromax water-repellent technology and the E-DTS™ TWIST outsole; with traction bars enlarged and rotated for multi-directional traction.

The cupsole is engineered using ECCO Fluidform™ Direct Comfort Technology, with the TPU tray offering lateral stability, while the OrthoLite® memory-foam inlay sole offers additional comfort, as well as breathability, with the option of removing it for extra width.

Biom C4

Ecco Biom Hybrid C4 Gore-Tex golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black; White + Black; Concrete + Black: White + Concrete | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The C4 offers unrivalled 360-degree breathability, allowing golfers to stay cool and comfortable throughout their round in all conditions through a combination of cushioning, rebound, waterproofing and air-flow.

The new iteration uses Ecco’s most advanced technologies ever. CCO FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology uses specialised fluid materials to form around an updated anatomical last (the foot-shaped form that provide shoemakers with a foundation for building a shoe), ensuring an excellent balance of cushioning and rebound. It also also helps to create a flexible and durable bond without any of the compromises found in stitched or glued models.

Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) posts wrap around the outside of the foot from the outsole to the midsole, and Biom Natural Motion technology enables the foot to move naturally and close to the ground.

The C4 has a Gore-Tex Surround construction to keep water out, which is combined with an ‘Exhaust Grid’ – large, angled openings that scoop in fresh air and direct it to the sole of the feet while allowing heat and moisture to escape for maximum comfort.

The progressive ‘MTN Grip’ outsole has three different sections for stability and traction, ground penetration, and rotational support throughout the swing.

Crafted from performance leather, the C4 also comes with a new, super-stretchy mesh sock for ultimate comfort and a breathable OrthoLite insole for extra cushioning. This can be removed to create extra width in the shoe.

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Ecco Golf Core golf shoes

RRP £119.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6.5-11.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Grey; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

For those who like their golf shoes lightweight, then the Core is one for you. It may not have the all-singing waterproofing properties of some its Ecco stablemates but benefits from a plethora of innovations.

Ecco’s much-utilised Yak leather gets another outing here so, first and foremost, you get a golf shoe that is designed to last.

The Fluidform is the company’s go to solution for stability and comfort in the midsole while the outer sole is another that is designed around the E-DTS system which uses larger cleats in high abrasion areas.

The shoe is still waterproof with Ecco’s Hydromax treatment ensuring your feet will stay dry when the weather turns.

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S Casual

Ecco S-Casual golf shoes

RRP £150.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6.5-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White; Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Casual by name but comfortable by nature, this multi-use offering from Ecco comes with removable and washable open-cell Ortholite inlay sole. That’s on top of Ecco’s own Fluidform mid-sole. Together you get just about the best ride money can buy.

The E-DTS traction system is designed to give you ‘maximum grip from 800 angles’ and as someone who has hit balls from all 800, you know how important stability is on the mostly-undulating fairways of the UK.

You also get the super-tough Yak Leather to protect the top of your feet and visually they look great too. They tip their hat to the past but mostly look very modern without going all out to be a a golf show that looks like a trainer.

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Ecco M Golf Soft golf shoes

RRP £140.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6.5-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Grey; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

No bells and whistles to see here re looks but when it comes to the important stuff – comfort and playability – the M Golf Soft has it in spades.

The prominent upper is made with Nappa leather and treated with Ecco’s water-repellent HydroMax system so plenty if peace of mind in the waterproofing department.

The rest is pretty standard Ecco fare with the Fluidform sole and E-DTS traction layout combining to make a supportive yet comfortable platform for your golf game.

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Ecco Street Retro golf shoes.

Ecco Street Retro golf shoes

RRP £120.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6.5-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White; Black; Brown | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The Street Retro were introduced last year, aimed at the golfer who likes lightweight and informal but understands the importance of not stinting on stability.

Why Retro in the name? Well I’m not really sure because the overall look is neither very old-school or very modern. The non-leather collar certainly is 21st century.

What they are undeniably is incredibly nice to wear. The removable inlay helps tailor the fit. Those with slim feet will certainly appreciate the help.

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Ecco M Golf Strike golf shoes

RRP £150.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6.5-11 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Grey; Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Spikes are largely going out of fashion but, for those who still want that under-foot reassurance, then these shoes are just the ticket. They ooze stability.

They also look like they would survive a nuclear strike and Ecco has put a lot of energy into making their shoes as durable as physically possible. The stitched Yak’s leather upper certainly adds to that feeling of strength.

Tough on the outside but forigiving on the inside, you get all of Ecco’s much-vaunted attention to detail re comfort with the use of Fluidform midsole and removable foam inlay combining to really take care of your feet.

Underneath you get six Slim-Lok Zarma-Tour spikes, which combine to compliment the stability you get from the rest of the shoe.

Best Ecco Golf Shoes: Ladies Only

Ecco Cool Pro

ECCO W Golf Cool Pro golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 3.5-9 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Grey; Blue; White; Limestone; Silver Grey; Ombre; Gravity | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

ECCO has been knocking it out of the park in recent years and once again has produced something out of the top drawer for the 2022 season.

The new Cool Pro is the complete golf shoe, combining the best of classic and modern. It has everything… looks, feel, performance and durability and is packed with ECCO’s ground-breaking innovations.

The leather upper is supplemented by a combination of Gore-Tex Surround technology and Exhaust Grid air channels. So whatever the conditions, your feet are in good hands.

Underneath, the E-DTS outsole provides you with ample traction while the inner sole utilises ECCO’s Fluidform system, which is blissfully comfortable and ensures your feet will never suffer again.

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