Best electric golf trolleys


The best electric golf trolleys 

The best electric golf trolley for you will depend on your budget, the features you need, how much you are worried about the weight and size of the trolley, and the type of battery that suits your needs. 

We've put together our pick of the best electric golf trolleys on the market right now to help you pick the trolley that's best for you.  

Motocaddy M5 GPS electric golf trolley – £749.99

• Weight: 10.5kg
• Folded size: 65cm x 47cm x 41cm 
• Warranty: Two years

The Motocaddy M5 GPS features a high-res 3.5-inch LCD touch screen that can be used in all weather conditions, even when wearing a glove. 

More than 40,000 golf courses are preloaded onto the Motocaddy M5 GPS, with distances to the front, middle and back of the green clearly visible, along with the ability to move flag positions on the screen and to check for any hazards on the hole.

You can also pair it with your mobile phone to receive a variety of alerts and notifications. The trolley has a USB charging port too. 

The battery is super-quiet and completely waterproof. The trolley itself folds down to a very compact size for storage in the boot and at home. 

There's a downhill control model, called the Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC, which enables the trolley to maintain a constant speed even when going down slopes.  


Motocaddy M-Tech trolley – £1199.99 

• Weight: 11.4kg
• Folded size: 65cm x 47cm x 41cm
• Warranty: Three years

The M-Tech is Motocaddy's most expensive electric golf trolley. It's designed with high spec luxury finishes like leather handle grips and polished chrome detailing to offer the ultimate in golf club transportation. A downhill brake keeps you safe on slopes, high power electronics puts less stress on components and you get a 36-hole lithium battery.

Motocaddy S1 electric trolley – £499.99

• Weight: 9kg
• Folded size: 85 cm x 59.5cm x 35.5cm
• Warranty: Two years

According to Motocaddy the S1 is the world's favourite electric trolley. This entry-level model has nine settings so you can match its speed to your walking pace.


Powakaddy FW3s electric trolley – £499 

• Weight: 9.2kg 
• Folded size: 39cm x 86cm x 57cm 
• Warranty: Two years

FW3s is Powakaddy's electric golf trolley choice for rental fleets, so it won't surprise you to hear that it is rugged and full of longevity. The Powakaddy FW3 trolley comes as standard with the thinnest, lightest lithium battery.

Powakaddy C2i GPS electric trolley – £699.99

• Weight: 9.9kg
• Folded size: 51cm x 35cm x 56cm
• Warranty: Three years

Folds smaller than any other electric golf trolley and thanks to a GPS chip it also gives yardages to hazards, dog-legs and the front, centre and back of greens.

Hill Billy electric trolley – £329

• Weight: 8.3kg 
• Folded size: 92cm x 60cm x 35cm 
• Warranty: Two years

Rugged and simple, Hill Billy work on an online only model. We'd seriously advise looking at the £399 lithium battery model for increased reliability.

Stewart X9 Follow electric trolley – £1499 

• Weight: 14.1kg
• Folded size: 82cm x 66cm x 32cm
• Warranty: Two years

The Stewart X9 Follow is the only electric golf trolley that will automatically follow you round the course. A remote control means you can divert the premium trolley towards the next tee.

Big Max Coaster Quad electric trolley – £899

• Weight: 13.5kg
• Folded size: 70cm x 55cm x 32cm
• Warranty: Two years

If you play on an undulating layout then four wheels and an electronic brake are ideal. The 360o spinning front wheels allow the Coaster to turn on a sixpence.

Golf Stream Vision electric trolley – £449

• Weight: 9kg
• Folded size: 60cm x 29cm x 87cm
• Warranty: Two years

Golf Stream say the stylish and simple Vision folds flatter than its rivals. A white screen makes the screen readable in direct sunlight.

GoKart - £279-£499

• Weight: 9.8kg
• Folded size: 66cm x 60cm x 29cm
• Warranty: Two years

GoKart trolleys always look a bit different and while this doesn't buck the trend, this simple revamped model is more stable on hills, quieter and smoother.

Club Booster EWheels - £595

• Weight: 10.4kg
• Folded size: 34cm x 69cm x 33cm
• Warranty: Two years

Electric wheels and a remote that turn your push trolley into a powered model with many of the same speed and distance presets as a top end trolley.