Best Golf Rangefinder


The Best Golf Rangefinder of 2021 to help you nail distances on the golf course.

Golf GPS Devices are great, but nothing beats a golf rangefinder for sheer accuracy of yardage to the flag.


Rory McIlroy and Charley Hull check yardages with a golf laser rangefinder during practice rounds.

You’ll see the world’s leading players and caddies carrying lasers to check their distances during practice rounds and, as from this year, they’ll be allowed to use them in tournament play at the PGA’s three Major Championships – PGA Championship, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

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Whatever your budget, there’s something out there for you – and if you don’t accurately know how far you need to hit it, how can you ever expect to lower your scores? They’re also great for checking your yardages during practice sessions to establish how far you hit your clubs, especially if you can’t access a launch monitor.

 Here’s our pick of the best golf rangefinders…

Garmin Approach Z80 golf rangefinder.

Garmin Approach Z80


The Garmin Approach Z80 is the most expensive rangefinder in our list, but it does have unique features to justify the higher price.

The viewfinder displays a 2D, full colour course map, with yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, making the Garmin Approach Z80 like a rangefinder and GPS all in one. It can even give you a yardage suggestion for your tee shots, which is a neat feature.

The Garmin Approach Z80 is a great option for anyone who can’t decide between a golf rangefinder and a GPS, as it gives you the best of both worlds.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized golf rangefinder.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized


If you’ve ever struggled with locking on to your target while using a golf laser, the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized could well be the best rangefinder for you. The vibration reduction system reduces image vibration in the viewfinder (caused by hand movement) by around 80%.

There’s also no danger of accidentally getting a yardage for something directly behind your intended target, as the Nikon Coolshot Pro will always display the distance to the closest target. Once the target is identified, the locked-on sign will turn green, so you know you’ve got the right target. 

All of this happens in double-quick time thanks to Nikon’s ‘hyper read’ system, meaning it takes just 0.3 seconds to get your yardage.

Slope-adjusted distances tell you how long an uphill or downhill shot will actually play, helping you adjust your club selection accordingly. This feature can be turned off to make the rangefinder legal for use in competition, with the clever addition of a green LED on the front that flashes so others know the slope function is not in use. 

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Bushnell Pro XE golf rangefinder.

3. Bushnell Pro XE


Golf rangefinders don’t come much better than the Bushnell Pro XE. It can shoot the flag at distances of over 500 yards and provide a yardage accurate to within one yard.

It also offers 7x magnification, the best of any golf rangefinder on the market, making it even easier to focus on the flag. A red ring around the target flashes while the rangefinder unit vibrates slightly to let you know that you have locked on to the flag.

The Bushnell Pro XE comes with a magnetic mount that allows you to stick the rangefinder to the frame of a golf buggy or your trolley (assuming it’s made of metal, of course).

But perhaps the cleverest part is the Bushnell Pro XE’s ‘slope with elements’ feature, which means it will take into account not just how uphill or downhill your shot is, but also the air temperature and pressure. A change in elevation may mean your shot is playing 10-20 yards longer or shorter than the actual yardage, so it’s vital information and enough to get Bryson DeChambeau excited.

WATCH: Bushnell Pro XE explained

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You can’t use slope modes in competition, but they can easily be switched off to turn the Bushnell Pro XE into a normal rangefinder for competitive play. Use the ‘slope with elements’ mode enough in practice and you’ll start to get used to how the slope and weather conditions affect distances, which will help you hit the right yardage more often even when you’re not using it.

The Bushnell Pro XE is also fully waterproof and comes with a two-year warranty.

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Bushnell V5 Shift Slim Edition laser rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim Edition


By moving the V5’s battery housing to the back of the unit and slimming down the outer casing, Bushnell say they have produced an ergonomically designed laser that fits snugly into the palm of the hand that creates “the minimum of interference when acquiring a target”.

The Tour V5 Shift Slim Edition has a new, improved slope algorithm and Slope-Switch Technology and is accurate to within one yard. It works up to 1,300 yards (400+ yards to a flag) and has six-times magnification.

The Fast Focus System ensures a quick yardage while Bushnell’s PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology has been improved to include a red ring that flashes as JOLT vibrates to provide golfers even greater feedback and confidence when they have locked onto the flag.

The built-in BITE technology allows golfers to securely attach their rangefinder to a golf cart or trolley. A pull strength of 7lb means golfers can be safe in the knowledge their rangefinder will stay in place.

The Tour V5 Slim Edition is rain proof and comes with a premium carry case, three-volt battery, two ball markers and a three-volt battery.

Zoom Focus Tour laser rangefinder.

Zoom Focus Tour


Following the success of the Focus X, Zoom revealed the flagship Focus Tour laser rangfinder with a stylish hybrid metal design reminiscent of vintage cameras and we’re big fans of the styling.

An 875-yard range range combines with six-times magnification and acurracy to 0.5 yards, while the bright clear contrasting display captures a 7.5° field of view for unprecedented visual range. The eyepiece of the unit is also adjustable, bringing the view into focus for different eyesights.

The Focus Tour has a slope adjusted distance option which is easily toggled on or off with a button on the side of the unit to make it eligible for tournament play. Flagpole scanning mode helps locate targets with impressive speed, with confirmation that you’re locked on coming via a vibration and a flag icon appearing in the display.

The Zoom’s continuous measurement mode allows golfers to scan across the landscape, from hole, to trees, to bunker, delivering instant distances to the various targets.

It comes with a practical, hard wearing carry case and, at £299.99, an impressive price considering the features.

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Bushnell V5 Tour Slim Edition laser rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour V5 Slim Edition


By moving the V5’s battery housing to the back of the unit and slimming down the outer casing, Bushnell say they have produced an ergonomically designed laser that fits snugly into the palm of the hand that creates “the minimum of interference when acquiring a target”.

The Tour Slim Edition is accurate to within one yard with up to 1,300-yard range performance (400+ yards to a flag) and six-times magnification.

The rain proof devices feature a Fast Focus System and Bushnell’s PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology, with a red ring that flashes as JOLT vibrates to provide golfers even greater feedback and confidence when they have locked onto the flag.

The built-in BITE technology allows golfers to securely attach their rangefinder to a golf cart or trolley. A pull strength of 7lb means golfers can be safe in the knowledge their rangefinder will stay in place.

The Tour V5 Slim Edition comes with a premium carry case, three-volt battery, two ball markers and a three-volt battery.

GolfBuddy aim L10V rangefinder.

GolfBuddy aim L10V with voice & slope

RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFER

The Golfbuddy aim L10V with voice & slope is the world’s first talking rangefinder. It works like a normal rangefinder, displaying the yardage on the LCD screen, but for added convenience there’s a voice button on the side which, when pressed, will make the unit read out the measured yardage.

It’s not just a gimmick, many older golfers are put off rangefinders because they find it hard to read the measured distances, meaning the GolfBuddy voice function could make all the difference.

Besides the voice function, the Golfbuddy aim L10V offers 6x magnification, vibration to confirm target lock-on, plus slope settings that can be turned off for competition rounds.  

It’s also available without the voice function, if you prefer your rangefinder to keep shtum.

Motocaddy Pro 3000 golf rangefinder.

Motocaddy Pro 3000


Motocaddy have moved into the world of rangefinders with the rainproof Pro 3000 laser.

Weighing just 196 grams, the Pro 3000 is quick and easy to use, features PinLock technology with vibration and visual confirmation, and offers accuracy to less than a yard with class‑leading 7X magnification at a range of 1,300 yards.

It has a high-resolution LCD display and can lock on to pins from 450 yards away. Slope readings are included but can be switched off to make the device competition legal, while background noise filtration makes it easier to lock on to a target.

The Pro 3000 has textured rubber grips, making it easy to hold in any conditions, while an adjustable eyepiece provides clearer visuals. It can display distances in yards or metres and automatically goes into standby mode after 10 seconds.

A premium hard-shell carry case with carabiner bag clip comes as standard, as does a 24-month warranty. The case also attaches to a Motocaddy Accessory Station on the brand’s trolleys for quick and easy access out on the golf course.

Precision Pro Golf NX9 HD Slope rangefinder.

Precision Pro Golf NX9 HD Slope


The Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope rangefinder’s 7x magnification and wide LCD make it easy to locate the flag, and a pulse vibration will help you be certain you’re locked on to the right target.

The NX9 HD Slope also offers slope-adjusted distances, and has a magnetic grip for easy attachment to golf buggies.

One of the best things about Precision Pro Golf is their free lifetime battery replacement service. Plus, if you decide to upgrade to a newer model at a later date, Precision Pro Golf will give you a 30% discount for trading in your old one.

Precision Pro Golf are clearly trying to attract golfers using lower price points before turning them into lifelong customers through top-notch customer service and rewards for brand loyalty. It’s an admirable approach. 

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Shot Scope Pro L1 rangefinder.

10. Shot Scope Pro L1


This is renowned golf GPS and shot-tracking brand Shot Scope’s first laser rangefinder, with the brand calling it “the most advanced product of its kind”.

Priced very reasonably, the PRO L1 is packed with technology including Target-Lock Vibration and a Precision Clear Lens. The vibration leaves players in no doubt that they’ve locked onto the flag and can trust the displayed yardage, while the lens lets you seamlessly switch between the laser’s black and red dual optics to ensure you can pick out your target in any light.

The sleek and sturdy PRO L1 also has Adaptive Slope technology which displays the angle of slope adjustment and a recalculated distance, accurate to just 3.6 inches. The feature can be easily switched off to ensure the laser conforms to the rules of golf in competitions, while measurements can be changed from yards to metres if preferred.

Six-times magnification and a range of up to 875 yards mean no pin will ever be out of its reach, while its water-resistant construction and grip patches ensure it performs in all conditions. The laser is also impressively compact, measuring just 100mm long, 43mm wide and 75mm high.

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Tasco T2G Tour golf laser rangefinder.

Tasco T2G Tour


Tasco may not be a name you’re familiar with but, as you may have gathered from its styling, it’s manufactured by Bushnell.

And, as you’d expect from anything that Bushnell Golf has a hand in, the T2G is an impressive laser. More impressively it’s currently available for as little as £149, making it very worthy of your consideration.

It has a range of five-1,300 yards, five-times magnification and is accurate to one yard. 

Legal for tournament play, the T2G has a comfortable, ergonomic design with a rubber grip to ensure it’s suitable for all conditions. It is operated by a single-button push with yardages displayed in an easy-to-read in-view LCD.

The laser comes with a carry case and CR2 lithium battery.

The Volvik V1 golf rangefinder.

Volvik V1


The Volvik V1 is a very good rangefinder at a competitive price point. It’s easy to use, gives accurate distances, and includes a slope function to give you both the actual yardage and the ‘plays like’ yardage on the screen at the same time.

The V1 available in a range of bright colours. It’s perhaps not quite as fast as some of the most premium laser rangefinders, but it’s certainly not slow, and it offers great value for money.

One slightly disappointing omission is the fact there’s no way for others to tell whether the slope mode is disengaged during competition, which most other golf rangefinders now include to ensure you don’t receive any suspicious glances.

Easygreen 1300 golf rangefinder.

Easygreen 1300


The Easygreen 1300 may not have some of the advanced features present in more expensive rangefinders, but for the price, it’s a very solid option. 

It’s simple to use and features slope technology, which can be turned off for competition play.

The Easygreen 1300 offers 6x magnification, which rivals most of the leading brands and makes it easy to lock on to the flag. The unit will vibrate to let you know it’s locked-on. The maximum yardage is 400 to a flag, which isn’t as long as some, but should be plenty far enough for even the biggest of hitters.

Be aware that unlike some of the higher-priced rangefinders, the Easygreen 1300 is only splash proof, not fully waterproof, but unless you’re planning to use it in the bath, you should be fine. It comes with a carry case and clip to attach to your golf bag, which will help keep the rangefinder safe and dry.

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GolfBuddy Laser lite rangefinder.

GolfBuddy Laser lite


The lowest-priced of all of the rangefinders here, but that doesn’t mean the Laser Lite isn’t packed with tech.

Weighing just 155g, this compact rangefinder can read distances from five yards to 800 yards and is accurate to one yard. It has a six-times magnification lens to make finding the target easy and and easy-to-read wide LCD display.

GolfBuddy have even packed pin finder vibration into this excellent value package, ensuring you know when you’ve locked on to the target.

The Laser lite has three targeting modes (standard, scan and pin) and, thanks to an auto shut-off after ten seconds, you won’t pull it from your bag to find the battery has unexpectedly died.

An IPX4 rating makes it suitable for use in light rain, while the hard wearing carru case has a belt hook so you can attach it to your bag and an easy-access toggle so that you don’t have to zip the case up between shots. For the price, it’s a brilliant piece of kit.

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Ben Sayers LX600 laser golf rangefinder.

Ben Sayers LX600


While the Ben Sayers rangefinder is the lowest priced of our picks that doesn’t mean it lacks in either features or quality and is a great entry-level device.

With a range of up to 600 metres (660 yards), the LX600 offers six-times magnification and is accurate to one yard. The laser also features a pinseeker function which makes it much easier to lock in on the flag, vibrating when you’ve locked on to the flag from 200 metres (220 yards) and in.

Water resistant, the laser comes with a cleaning cloth, carry pouch and handy carry strap.

Ben Sayers also offer an LX1000 model (with a range of up to 1000 metres and pinseeker function of 300 metres) in a black and blue colourscheme.

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