Best Golf GPS and Distance Measuring Devices 2022


The best golf GPS devices, from watches and rangefinders, to handheld DMDs, trolleys and apps, that you need to own in 2022.

‘Distance to the hole?’ It’s the most asked question in the sport and now golfers can get exact answers – within a tiny margin of error – thanks to the advancements in technology. 

There are two types of distance-measuring device now and whether it’s the laser-based rangefinder or the slightly-less-accurate-but-much-more informative GPS option, there are plenty of excellent choices across a wide-price range. 

Golf watches and handheld GPS units are great, but nothing beats a golf rangefinder for sheer accuracy of yardage to the flag. The incredible laser technology they utilise is normally accurate inside a few inches.

And while downloadable GPS golf apps are probably the least accurate they are the cheapest. Plus you can get a lot of added extras and can set up live scoring events.

Trolley manufacturers are also just beginning to incorporate GPS devices into their models and that trend is only likely to continue.

Just for your ease of use, we have split the devices into the following categories (just click on the link to jump to the relevant section):

Best Golf GPS Watches
Best Golf Rangefinders
Best Golf GPS Handheld Devices
Best Golf GPS Trolleys
Best Golf GPS Apps

And if you’re in the market for equipment that can help make playing golf just that little bit easier, why not check out our features on the best launch monitors, GPS watches, rangefinders, and electric golf trolleys.

Best Golf GPS Watches 2022

GPS watches have made a huge impact during the last decade and the technology they possess ensures their popularity will only grow. Ease of use and the fact they fit snuggly on your wrist makes them easy to manage. However the small display size is not everyone’s cup of tea. For a full range of what’s on offer, check out our Best Golf GPS Watches feature.

Garmin S62

Garmin Approach S62 GPS watch

RRP £449.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses
 41,000 | Battery Life 20 hours | Warranty 2 years 

The Garmin Approach S62 won’t be the golf watch for everyone, purely due to the price. But it is undeniably the best GPS golf watch money can buy. In fact it’s almost quicker to list the things it can’t do.

For starters, it is probably the most stylish golf watch available. It looks good enough to wear all the time, not just on the golf course. And you can do that, as the Garmin Approach S62 battery life will last up to a fortnight when you’re just using it as a normal watch. In golf mode, the Garmin S62 battery life is up to a staggering 20 hours, which is a lot longer any other comparable device.

The GPS device has a full-colour display on a 1.3″ screen, which is 17 per cent larger than the Garmin Approach S60 and readable even in bright sunlight. The larger display comes in particularly handy when using the ‘Green View’ feature, which shows the true shape of the green and lets you zoom in and drag-and-drop the pin for greater accuracy.

If you’ve carved a shot way off into the woods and don’t even know where the green is anymore, or if you’re just playing a blind approach shot, the Garmin S62’s ‘PinPointer’ will act like a compass to point you directly towards the hole. The ‘Hazard View’ lets you quickly scroll through each hazard and get a yardage to the front and back, helping you decide whether to lay up or take on the carry distance. 

The Garmin Approach S62 also collects stats. Pair it with the Garmin Golf app to get strokes gained information and lots more.  It can use this information to act as a caddie on your wrist, factoring in wind speed and direction to suggest a club based on the distance you typically hit with each of the clubs in your bag. 

Even if you prefer to pick clubs for yourself, the device makes that easier, offering adjusted distances to allow for uphill and downhill shots, and for wind speed and direction. 

It might just be a GPS golf watch but it is so helpful it almost feels like cheating. And, in a way, it is, as some of those features wouldn’t be allowed in any normal golf competition. But you can turn them off and use the Garmin Approach S62 as a normal golf watch, which most amateur competitions will allow.

Garmin S42

Garmin Approach S42 GPS watch

RRP £269.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses
 42,000 | Battery Life 15 hours | Warranty 1 year

The Garmin Approach S62’s little brother is almost £200 cheaper so, as you might expect, not quite as feature laden but it still does an impressive list of jobs.

Apart from the all-important job of measuring distance like every other GPS device, the S42 automatically records each shot so you can assess just how far each shot travelled, which is a huge help when selecting clubs. 

It will also count your steps and monitor your sleep patterns plus you can sync it with your phone so you’ll get notifications for texts and missed calls.

In GPS mode the battery will last a very healthy 15 hours and style wise, is as classy looking as you would expect from Garmin.

Skycaddie LX5C

SkyCaddie LX5C GPS watch

RRP £349.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 35,000 | Battery Life Up to 2 rounds | Warranty 1 year

Skycaddie have gone big with this offering and the screen is noticeably larger than the average GPS watch.

In fact it has the largest and brightest colour touchscreen (1.39in) with full HD graphics and comes preloaded with more than 35,000 course maps. It even allows you to choose which tee box you’re playing from, your gender, and whether you’d prefer distances in yards or metres, for additional accuracy.

Like the brand’s larger GPS devices, the LX5C lets you zoom and pan and is constantly calculating yardages to hidden hazards so you know how far you’ve got to carry or lay up short of them. The IntelliGreen tech provides exact shapes of greens for distances to front, back and any point in between from your angle of approach.

You know you can trust the yardages because SkyCaddie are the only golf GPS brand to create and update every UK golf course map on foot using survey-quality equipment across thousands of points per course.

Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition Smartwatch

Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 20 hours | Warranty 2 years

For those with a passion for watches and golf, TAG Heuer’s stunning special edition GPS golf watch is a piece of kit to get the blood pumping.

The go-to sports watch company has produced a highly effective on-course operator as well as a classic-looking TAG watch away from the course. You get 40,000 courses in stunning detail plus accelerometer and gyroscope functions to record each shot to the nearest metre.

The grade 2 titanium casing ensures considerable durability and the special ceramic golf bezel is just a great touch, in keeping with other special edition watches TAG have brought out. 

Also includes a pedometer, heart rate monitor and a ‘Golf Edition Box’ containing three TAG Heuer golf balls, 4 TAG Heuer tees, divot tools, divot tool and spare strap for your watch.

Shot Scope V3

Shot Scope V3

RRP £209.99 |  VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 36,000 | Battery Life 10+ hours | Warranty 1 year

Available in four different coloured straps, the ShotScope V3 does everything you would expect of a standard GPS golf watch – it comes with 35,000 courses pre-loaded and shows yardages to the front, middle and back of the green – but it is so much more than that.

While it doesn’t have the graphics capabilities of some of its more expensive rivals, the V3 will be a popular GPS golf watch and has a very clever system to give you a mountain of data while the makers believe its dual satellite technology reduces the industry standard margin for error down from 3-5 metres to just 30cm.  

The ShotScope V3 golf watch comes with 16 sensors (you screw one into the end of each of your clubs) and this enables the watch to automatically detect every shot you hit. It can then map your entire round, shot-by-shot, and collect a huge amount of helpful data about your golf game. You won’t notice the sensors at all, as they are so light and screw snugly into the grip of your club

You don’t even need to tag where the flag is when putting out, ShotScope’s clever new system does everything for you.

The amount of analytics the ShotScope V3 offers is fantastic – it gives you more than 100 statistics including greens in regulation, driving distance and putts per round – so you can compare yourself with all the pros.

GolfBuddy AimW11

Golf Buddy Aim W11

RRP £249.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 13 hours | Warranty 1 year

This is a lot of GPS golf watch for the money – you can get this for less than £200 now. I particularly liked the green contouring feature, especially when you are hitting your approach shots because you get a regular reminder that hitting straight at the pin is not always the best strategy.

Certainly on the long putts it also gives tremendous peace of mind – if like me you start doubting yourself when it comes to reading greens – and the colour coding system is easy to follow and master.

The graphics are pretty good and you get a hazards readout while you can manually alter the pin placement when it comes to getting the clubbing right on those all-important approaches.

In golf mode you will get two rounds out of your battery so not the longest lasting power source but that’s not a problem and it is also very waterproof which will come into its own when playing through the dark months.

There is also a pedometer option for those fitness-conscious golfers and an impressive course directory with free wireless updates available via Bluetooth with the smartphone app.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 

Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 12 hours | Warranty 2 years

The golf version of Samsung’s popular Active2 range comes in two face sizes (40mm and 44mm) but the larger version – although it’s only an extra 4mm – does make quite a difference when you are studying what to do next.

It’s lightweight, water-resistant and the data is arranged in a very clean-looking way. This is very important as there are a lot of options plus you get a free lifetime Smart Caddie app as part of the package.

Another GPS golf watch that will give you slopes graduations on the greens suing an easy-to-follow colour system. As previously mentioned this is also very helpful with approach/pitch shots.

It also includes workout options and a heart monitor and will send you an alert but perhaps set the bar quite high if you’re particularly twitchy over slippery four footers.


Voice Caddie T8 

Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 36 holes | Warranty 1 year

Another gps golf watch with a dizzying array of features that can do virtually everything apart from actually swinging the club.

It’s like having a caddy on your wrist plus it will also let you know your swing tempo from your previous shot… helping you confirm what you almost certainly knew – that last swing was a bit too quick!!

More helpful is the contoured green view feature which really helps focus the mind on approach shots and long putts plus the Voice Caddie T8 also adjusts the distance you have left to take account of uphill or downhill shots. That is incredibly helpful when playing a course for the first time.

It is one of the more expensive options but again you get adjustable pins thanks to the colour touch screen and you also get landing area suggestions off the tee.


Canmore TW-410G

Preloaded courses 39,000 | Battery Life 12 hours | Warranty 1 year

Another GPS watch that doesn’t have the colour graphics of its more well-known and well-established rivals but still a strong, easy-to-use GPS golf watch.

A very clever shot-measuring feature will give you an accurate readout and there is also a very quick and easy way of being shown distances to sand and water hazards.

It will also count your steps and tell you how many calories you have burned (see that nett 79 wasn’t all bad news) plus it’s water resistant plus the black on white readout means it’s straightforward to view even if its sunny. 

Bushnell Ion

Bushnell Ion Edge

Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 16 hours | Warranty 1 year

Available in grey or black, the American company are well-known in this kind of marketplace and the ION Edge again will do all the basics to a high standard, which is all you really need, especially if you are playing in competitions.

It includes a shot-distance calculator for those who want that bad news and all your stats and scores can be uploaded the Bushnell Golf Mobile App for analysis purposes.

Best Golf Rangefinders 2022

Rangefinders still offer the most accurate distance-measuring option and some utilise GPS in some apsects of the features they offer. It’s why the pros will always use laser-measuring devices rather than GPS-only alternatives. However most of them are one dimensional and generally, they don’t offer as much information as their GPS-only cousins. For a full range of options check out our Best Golf Rangefinders feature.

Garmin Z80

Garmin Approach Z80 laser rangerfinder

RRP £579.00 | VIEW OFFER
Range 320 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

The Garmin Approach Z80 is the most expensive rangefinder in our list, but it does have unique features to justify the higher price.

The viewfinder displays a 2D, full colour course map, with yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, making it like a rangefinder and GPS all in one. It can even give you a yardage suggestion for your tee shots, which is a neat feature.

The Garmin Approach Z80 is a great option for anyone who can’t decide between a golf rangefinder and a GPS, as it gives you the best of both worlds.

Nikon Coolshot

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized laser rangerfinder

RRP £499.00 | VIEW OFFER
Range 1,090 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 5 years

If you’ve ever struggled with locking on to your target while using a lazer, the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized could well be the best rangefinder for you. The vibration reduction system reduces shakiness in the viewfinder (caused by hand movement) by around 80%.

There’s also no danger of accidentally getting a yardage for something directly behind your intended target, as the Nikon Coolshot Pro will always display the distance to the closest target. Once the target is identified, the locked-on sign will turn green, so you know you’ve got the right target. 

All of this happens in double-quick time thanks to Nikon’s ‘hyper read’ system, meaning it takes just 0.3 seconds to get your yardage.

Slope-adjusted distances tell you how long an uphill or downhill shot will actually play, helping you adjust your club selection accordingly. This feature can be turned off to make the rangefinder legal for use in competition, with the clever addition of a green LED on the front that flashes so others know the slope function is not in use.

Bushnell Tour Slim

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim laser rangerfinder

RRP £399.95 | VIEW OFFER
Range 1,200 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

By moving the V5’s battery housing to the back of the unit and slimming down the outer casing, Bushnell say they have produced an ergonomically designed laser that fits snugly into the palm of the hand that creates “the minimum of interference when acquiring a target”.

The Tour V5 Shift Slim Edition has a new, improved slope algorithm and Slope-Switch Technology and is accurate to within one yard. It works up to 1,300 yards (400+ yards to a flag) and has six-times magnification.

The Fast Focus System ensures a quick yardage while Bushnell’s PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology has been improved to include a red ring that flashes as JOLT vibrates to provide golfers even greater feedback and confidence when they have locked onto the flag.

The built-in BITE technology allows golfers to securely attach their rangefinder to a golf cart or trolley. A pull strength of 7lb means golfers can be safe in the knowledge their rangefinder will stay in place.

The Tour V5 Slim Edition is rain proof and comes with a premium carry case, three-volt battery, two ball markers and a three-volt battery.

Bushnell XE

Bushnell Pro XE laser rangerfinder

RRP £449.00 | VIEW OFFER
 1,200 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

Golf rangefinders don’t come much better than the Bushnell Pro XE. It can shoot the flag at distances of over 500 yards and provide a yardage accurate to within one yard.

It also offers 7x magnification, the best of any golf rangefinder on the market, making it even easier to focus on the flag. A red ring around the target flashes while the rangefinder unit vibrates slightly to let you know that you have locked on to the flag.

The Bushnell Pro XE comes with a magnetic mount that allows you to stick the rangefinder to the frame of a golf buggy or your trolley (assuming it’s made of metal, of course).

But perhaps the cleverest part is the Bushnell Pro XE’s ‘slope with elements’ feature, which means it will take into account not just how uphill or downhill your shot is, but also the air temperature and pressure. A change in elevation may mean your shot is playing 10-20 yards longer or shorter than the actual yardage, so it’s vital information and enough to get Bryson DeChambeau excited.

Zoom Focus

Zoom Focus Tour laser rangerfinder

Range 800 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

Following the success of the Focus X, Zoom revealed the flagship Focus Tour laser rangfinder with a stylish hybrid metal design reminiscent of vintage cameras.

An 875-yard range range combines with six-times magnification and acurracy to 0.5 yards, while the bright clear contrasting display captures a 7.5° field of view for unprecedented visual range. The eyepiece of the unit is also adjustable, bringing the view into focus for different eyesights.

The Focus Tour has a slope adjusted distance option which is easily toggled on or off with a button on the side of the unit to make it eligible for tournament play. Flagpole scanning mode helps locate targets with impressive speed, with confirmation that you’re locked on coming via a vibration and a flag icon appearing in the display.

The Zoom’s continuous measurement mode allows golfers to scan across the landscape, from hole, to trees, to bunker, delivering instant distances to the various targets.

It comes with a practical, hard wearing carry case and, at £299.99, an impressive price considering the features.

GolfBuddy L10V

GolfBuddy aim L10V laser rangerfinder

RRP £279.00 | VIEW OFFER 
Range 800 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

The Golfbuddy aim L10V with voice & slope is the world’s first talking rangefinder. It works like a normal rangefinder, displaying the yardage on the LCD screen, but for added convenience there’s a voice button on the side which, when pressed, will make the unit read out the measured yardage.

It’s not just a gimmick, many older golfers are put off rangefinders because they find it hard to read the measured distances, meaning the GolfBuddy voice function could make all the difference.

Besides the voice function, the Golfbuddy aim L10V offers 6x magnification, vibration to confirm target lock-on, plus slope settings that can be turned off for competition rounds. 

It’s also available without the voice function, if you prefer your rangefinder to keep shtum.

Motocaddy Pro 3000

Motocaddy Pro 3000 laser rangerfinder

RRP £249.00 | VIEW OFFER 
Range 1,200 metres | Adjusts for slope? Y | Warranty 2 years

Motocaddy have moved into the world of rangefinders with the rainproof Pro 3000 laser.

Weighing just 196 grams, the Pro 3000 is quick and easy to use, features PinLock technology with vibration and visual confirmation, and offers accuracy to less than a yard with class‑leading 7X magnification at a range of 1,300 yards.

It has a high-resolution LCD display and can lock on to pins from 450 yards away. Slope readings are included but can be switched off to make the device competition legal, while background noise filtration makes it easier to lock on to a target.

The Pro 3000 has textured rubber grips, making it easy to hold in any conditions, while an adjustable eyepiece provides clearer visuals. It can display distances in yards or metres and automatically goes into standby mode after 10 seconds.

A premium hard-shell carry case with carabiner bag clip comes as standard, as does a 24-month warranty. The case also attaches to a Motocaddy Accessory Station on the brand’s trolleys for quick and easy access out on the golf course.


AOFAR GX-6F laser rangerfinder

RRP £119.99 | VIEW OFFER
 500 metres | Adjusts for slope N | Warranty 2 years

There are a lot of budget rangefinders but few can match this 42% offer which means AOFAR’s very competent GX-6F represents fantastic value for money.

Does all the basics with the minimum of fuss and the 500-yard range will suffice for all players. Includes the flag-lock function and vibrates when you have hit the target.

Accurate to within one yard, it is lightweight and by buying direct from the manufacturers you get a two-year warranty.

Shot Scope Pro L1

Shot Scope Pro L1 laser rangerfinder

RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFER
 800 metres | Adjusts for slope Y | Warranty 1 year

This is renowned golf GPS and shot-tracking brand Shot Scope’s first laser rangefinder, with the brand calling it “the most advanced product of its kind”.

Priced very reasonably, the PRO L1 is packed with technology including Target-Lock Vibration and a Precision Clear Lens. The vibration leaves players in no doubt that they’ve locked onto the flag and can trust the displayed yardage, while the lens lets you seamlessly switch between the laser’s black and red dual optics to ensure you can pick out your target in any light.

The sleek and sturdy PRO L1 also has Adaptive Slope technology which displays the angle of slope adjustment and a recalculated distance, accurate to just 3.6 inches. The feature can be easily switched off to ensure the laser conforms to the rules of golf in competitions, while measurements can be changed from yards to metres if preferred.

Six-times magnification and a range of up to 875 yards mean no pin will ever be out of its reach, while its water-resistant construction and grip patches ensure it performs in all conditions. The laser is also impressively compact, measuring just 100mm long, 43mm wide and 75mm high.

Best Golf GPS Handheld Devices 2022

The original GPS distance-measuring device has come a long way in a short time and, now, they provide excellent displays with highly detailed and informative readouts. The larger screens will appeal to those who don’t like the tightness of the GPS watches but they are quite bulky and useful only on the course, unlike GPS watches.

Skycaddie SX550

Skycaddie SX550 GPS

RRP £379.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 35,000 | Battery Life 14 hours | Warranty 1 year

The advent of the GPS watch has affected the handheld device market somewhat but what the ‘old-fashioned’ GPS device offers you is size. With displays getting sharper and bigger, this aspect will appeal to many golfers who struggle to see the detail on a watch.

Skycaddie has been a pioneer in this field and the SX550 is the latest in a long line of understandably popular products. You get a device loaded with 35,000 courses (ground-verified by SkyGolf) and a giant 5.5” HD touchscreen offers great views of what’s in front of you.

Handheld devices are getting lighter while battery lives are getting longer. The SX550 offers you 14 hours. The handy wi-fi also gives you the chance of easy-to-access course updates. 

Garmin G80

Garmin Approach G80 GPS

RRP £449.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 41,000 | Battery Life 15 hours | Warranty 1 year

Garmin has a fantastic range of top-end GPS devices and this hand-held option has a very special added extra. It includes a launch-monitor mode and, although it is not quite as accurate as a Trackman or Skytrak, its 3% margin for error makes it a very attractive proposition.

The smaller-than-average screen (it’s only 3.5 inches long), does not detract from this excellent GPS device, which comes preloaded with 40,000 courses.

As you would expect from a Garmin device, there are an enormous range of options and the G80 will also calculate the true distance to the hole, taking into account the various slopes. However this must be turned off for tournament play.

The screen is anti-glare so no problems in strong sunlight and the battery is very beefy. It will give you 15 hours of use in GPS mode. 

Skycaddie Sx400

Skycaddie SX400 GPS

RRP £299.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 35,000 | Battery Life 14 hours | Warranty 1 year

The SX400 might have been eclipsed by Skycaddie’s latest handheld offering – the SX550 (see above) – but you should be able to get it for around £250 now and that represents excellent value for money.

The 4” touchscreen gives you plenty of detail and the HD graphics really help when it comes to accuracy and full understanding of your next shot. Skycaddie’s patented Dynamic HoleVue technology also automatically updates your position on the course as you walk around the holes. 

And what you also get with Skycaddie is peace of mind re the distances. Each course has been walked and mapped out by a member of their own staff so you get a lot of accuracy in that department.

Garmin G30

Garmin Approach G30 GPS

RRP £269.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 15 hours | Warranty 1 year

The G30 is five years old now and while the graphics look a bit dated, its enduring popularity is well merited.

Ease of use is certainly a major factor behind its success. The device automatically detects which course you are on, its compact – which means it slips nicely into any pocket or can be clipped ton your bag – and it can store up to four people’s scores.

Like all Garmin devices the battery life is also substantial and also durable. Garmin devices are never cheap but then they are built to last.

GolfBuddy Voice2

GolfBuddy Voice2 Clip On GPS

RRP £129.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 12 hours | Warranty 2 years

It looks like a digital alarm clock from the 80s or 90s but don’t let the simple-looking appearance put you off. When it comes to value for money, GolfBuddy’s Voice2 has a lot going for it.

It’s ability to tell you distances (at the push of a button) comes in handy in a number of situations. Not least when the weather is bad and you want to keep your hands in your pockets for as long as possible.

It is so small it is made to be kept on your but will also clip to your bag. The graphics are basic but designed to be clear and like many of more ‘basic’ gps devices, are really easy to use. Less buttons to press and all that.

Bushnell Phantom

Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS

RRP £139.95 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses
 38,000 | Battery Life 18 hours | Warranty 1 year

 The Phantom is another GPS device that is all about the information.

And for less than £140 you get a lot of it plus a very long battery life. 

What makes it different from devices at the cheaper end of the market is it will do a pretty good job of tracking your shots via its ‘Shot Distance Calculator’ function and it will give you distances to up to six hazards per hole.

It is another highly compact bit of kit and neatly clips to your bag or you can keep it in your pocket. 

It will automatically find your course and will also automatically advance to the next hole so is pretty low maintenance while you are playing.

Bushnell also offers a number of colour options, including the striking grey camo.

Bushnell Wingman

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

RRP £149.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 36,000 | Battery Life 10 hours | Warranty 2 years

You can tell Bushnell has given this innovative device a lot of thought and the American company has definitely got a lot of it right. Not least the name. Inspired!

Using the success of Amazon’s Alexa, they incorporated popular elements of that device and combined them with GPS technology to create a new take on distance measuring.

The Wingman attaches to your trolley via a powerful magnetic strip but for those who carry their bags this creates a little bit of a problem straightaway.

There is also a little button press device which magnetically attaches to your Wingman so you have the option of activating it remotely.

You gets distances to the front, back and centre of the green and you can also customise your device for other bit of information you want to prioritise.

Best Golf GPS Trolleys 2022

It was never going to be long before the electric trolley makers integrated GPS technology and it makes perfect sense to have that information as part of your trolley. However at nearly £1,000, they are not going to appeal to everyone. Value for money will be a concern. 


PowaKaddy CT8 GPS electric golf trolley

Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 18 holes | Warranty 3 years

The CT8 GPS joins the CT6 in PowaKaddy’s compact range, and boasts a fully-integrated GPS, accessible via an entirely new 3.5-inch full-colour touch screen display.

It headlines what is set to be an exciting year of launches for PowaKaddy, the world’s leading electric trolley brand, with new electric trolleys, push trolleys and bags set to follow.

The CT8 GPS is the latest addition to the brand’s compact range, following the success of the best-selling CT6, and comes pre-loaded with more than 40,000 worldwide golf courses, with no annual fees or subscriptions needed, while the Bluetooth connected app allows for quick golf course updates.

It automatically locates your course, advances between holes and provides fast yardages to the front, centre and back of the green. In addition, the CT8’s new widescreen display, which is the largest seen on a PowaKaddy compact trolley and offers a range of excellent features including a scorecard, stroke index information (for both men and women), Active Green View to show the green’s shape, and Drop Flag technology to give accurate and precise distance measurement to any pin position.

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PowaKaddy’s simple 2-Fold system allows it to fold 20% smaller than the previous C2i model, and 35% smaller than its closest competitor, while the 30v 230w motor is powerful and impressively quiet.

The CT8 has a height adjustable soft touch handle and uses the same anti-tamper dial found in the CT6, along with the Automatic Distance Function, allowing you to send the trolley ahead or to the next tee.

PowaKaddy’s ‘plug ‘n’ play’ battery is the thinnest, lightest and most powerful lithium battery on the market and ensures there are no wires to connect, while the top mounted and easy access on/off switch and simple battery release latch make it supremely simple to use.

Alongside the standard CT8 GPS, there is an EBS (Electronic Braking System) version, priced at £50 more. The self-sensing EBS automatically slows the trolley on steep inclines and is ideal for those who regularly play undulating courses.

Both are available with standard lithium batteries or, if you like to play more than 18 holes or get more than one round out of a charge, there are XL lithium battery options.

Powakaddy FX7

Powakaddy FX7 electric golf trolley

RRP £899.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 18 holes | Warranty 3 years

When you are playing close to £1,000 you want a lot for your money and Powakaddy has delivered in spades with this feature-laden FX7.

The GPS element comes in the form of an integrated 3.5” OCA full-colour widescreen display that is preloaded with 40,000 courses.

As a trolley it is wonderfully compact and efficient and comes with every conceivable trolley add-on you can imagine.

Also includes Bluetooth, new high power Plug ’n’ Play battery system and new 30-volt, 230w motor. There is a USB charging port and Powakaddy throw in an impressive three-year warranty on the trolley and five-year warranty on the lithium battery. 

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Motocaddy M5

Motocaddy M5 electric golf trolley

RRP £899.00 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 36 holes | Warranty 2 years

It is clear to see why this trolley is so popular. It is lightweight, easy to use, adjusts well to any height and boasts a fantastic built-in GPS feature which comes preloaded with 40,000 courses. 

Motocaddy was the first of the trolley powerhouses to fully integrate a GPS device and that element tops a list of clever innovations. One of those is an on-course AED indicator and includes CPR instructions should a playing partner suffer a cardiac arrest.

The GPS element will give you distances to the front, middle and back of the green and also track your distances and score.

It folds down neatly and you don’t have to take the battery out to charge it. It also comes with built-in wifi, a two-year warranty while the battery has a five-year warranty. 

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Powakaddy CT6

Powakaddy CT6 electric golf trolley

RRP £949.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 36 holes | Warranty 3 years

 When the CT6 is fully folded down its hard to believe it opens out into a full-size trolley, nevermind one that has a GPS incorporated into the handle.

Powakaddy is well established in this marketplace and it is easy to see why when it can produce superbly-engineered pieces of kit.

The CT6 is extremely strong and lightweight with the GPS element providing all the basic data. The 2.8” screen is big enough to make the graphics worth doing and, like most of Powakaddy’s electric trolleys, you get a very healthy 3-year warranty.

Motocaddy M3

Motocaddy M3 electric golf trolley

RRP £879.99 | VIEW OFFER
Preloaded courses 40,000 | Battery Life 18 holes | Warranty 2 years

The M3 is another of Motocaddy’s high-class performers that has so many positive things going for it.

It has a huge list of attributes but from a GPS perspective you get 40,000 pre-loaded courses, no subscription fee and distances to the front, back and middle of the green plus hazards.

The 2.8” display gives you hole layouts which are easy to follow plus it will track your shots so you can easily build up a picture of just how far you are hitting your clubs.

The ‘SlimFold’ design is as clever as you would expect while Motocaddy’s patented EASILOCK system is utilised to full effect.

Best Golf GPS Apps 2022

The most cost-effective option is the GPS app and for many golfers, particularly the more casual player, they will do the job. Certainly a margin of error of 3-4 yards is preferable to the naked eye. The leading GPS app developers have also cleverly incorporated lots of helpful add-ons to retain customers. Reliability is the big downside and there is always that nagging doubt that the yardage you have been supplied is not quite right.


Arccos Caddie

RRP £289.98 (includes smart sensors) | VIEW OFFER 

Arccos might well have produced a support system that will satisfy the demands of the ultimate golf geek.

At the heart of it all is data. The Arccos app collects so much of it, it will quickly give you accurate suggestions in terms of club selection.

The smart sensors attach to each club – you get 14 – and it sends the information to your phone. Wind, elevation, temperature, humidity and even altitude are taken into account before you get told the appropriate club to choose. For some it will be a bit all too much – just a bit too AI – but some of the other features are very good at getting you organised. 

The very-in-vogue strokes gained component of Arccos’s system allows you analyse strengths and weaknesses in your game and the app will offer a guide to appropriate practice and equipment choices.

It is also worth noting that once you buy the sensors, that automatically gives you a year’s worth of membership to the Arccos Caddie app.

Motocaddy App

Motocaddy Golf GPS App


Motocaddy has just massively beefed up its free-to-download app and the results are pretty spectacular. As you might expect from a big player in the golf market, this app really does tick all the boxes.

It is easy to sign up and there are no hidden subscription charges. You get access to more than 40,000 courses in 200 countries and the usual crop of distance-measuring features.

With the Motocaddy app there is also a handy round timer to ensure you can keep tabs on the pace of play and you also get a 2D and 3D course map. The 3D version unlocks the opportunity to view aerial hole flyovers.

There is also an Automated External Defibrillator locater and instructions on how to carry out potentially life-saving CPR. 

Hole 19 App

Hole 19

RRP Free (Premium Pro £6.99p/m) | VIEW OFFER

Hole 19 has built a very strong reputation in this marketplace with an app that includes the option to upgrade to the Premium Pro package, which provides you with a range of data which is the match of any other GPS device.

The free-to-download app will offer plenty-enough info for the majority of golfers. The graphics on the 43,000 available courses are very clean and easy to navigate around.

You can also use it to store the details of all your rounds and there is a nice ‘live scoreboard’ feature which means you can play a number of friends and get constant updates re how everyone is getting on.  

VPAR app


RRP Free (Premium £4.99p/m) | VIEW OFFER

VPAR has a loyal base of users and it is an app which includes a number of interesting add-ons although crucially VPAR has got it right from a visual/useability perspective.

The app has tapped into its sizeable number of users by setting up the live leaderboard option and even has its own challenges so you can compare your efforts against other VPAR member from other countries.

There is also a handy performance stats section which will give you all the key data – driving accuracy, GIR, average putts, scrambles and score averages.


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