PXG 0341 X Gen 2 Fairway Review

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Review: PXG 0341 X Gen 2 Fairway Wood

Carbon crown for faster balls speeds and improved consistency

Matt paint – for an anti-glare finish

Low and forward CG – promotes low spin performance

Honeycomb TPE insert – dampens vibration, enhancing feel and sound

Larger heavier sole weights – give more significant ball flight adjustment. Moving the four silver coloured tungsten weights back increases launch and spin. Moving them to the toe or heel ports increases fade or draw bias.

Best 2019 Fairway Wood

PXG 0341 X Gen 2 Fairway wood

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Improvements over the Gen 1 fairway

1 – 2 MPH faster ball speed

300 – 400 RPM lower spin

Similar launch angle

7 – 10 yards longer

3% tighter dispersion

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PXG 0341 X Gen 2 Fairway Wood: Verdict

We’re big fans of the 0341 X fairway’s primarily because where modern fairways typically trend up in size, the X has shrunk. Compact fairways are getting harder and harder to find but if you’re the type who loves seeing a compact fairway sat behind the ball at address but don’t want to give anything up in terms of forgiveness the X should be right up your street.

Just like the drivers the heads are the height of simplicity. There’s a single ‘X’ on the top edge marking the impact zone. It, along with a ridged crown focuses attention on the centre of the face, which should help you hit the middle more often.

Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

Foresight GC Quad

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PXG reckon fairway’s are the hardest club in the bag to hit, as they’re launched from the turf with the least amount amount of loft. If like us, you’re nervous getting a 15° fairway airborne, don’t be. The new 0341s lower profile and flatter sole sits closer to the turf and gets more face under the ball, making it easy to launch shots from the deck and tee.

Nothing PXG comes cheap. And experience tells us you should never try justifying the cost of PXG by only comparing performance numbers against the competition. It’s like deciding between a Bentley and Ford Focus but only considering whether they both do the speed limit. PXG is about so much more than just numbers, and if you do take the plunge and take the time to get fitted you really won’t be disappointed.

Product Information

0341 X Gen 2 Fairway Wood

  • RRP: £425
  • Lofts: 2 - 13° / 3 - 15° / 5 - 18° / 7 - 21°
  • Stock shaft: N/A, PXG insist on only fitting you to your best performing option
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes
  • How much loft change: +/-1.5°

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