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The most technologically advanced Hogan iron ever.

Hogan spoke to to hundreds of serious, passionate golfers, before starting development of the PTx irons. And they found most wanted more forgiveness on off-center hits, higher ball flight in the longer irons, and more penetrating trajectories in the scoring irons. They also wanted a traditional ‘look’ that promoted confidence including a slightly larger profile at address and a bit more offset.

But none wanted to give up the solid feel and ability to shape different shots which has long been the domain of forged irons.

After extensive R&D efforts, CAD modeling and testing, they created PTx irons. The first transitional iron designed for improving and accomplished players that want cutting edge technology to help maintain their ability. PTx irons provide the feel, precision and consistency you demand, without sacrificing on confidence or forgiveness.

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Co-Forged construction

Ben Hogan PTx iron


PTx irons utilize a patented, co-forging process that allows each individual club head to perform it’s specific individual purpose.

The longer irons are hollow with 1025 carbon steel frame and hosel, and an ultra-thin MS300 steel face for distance and exceptional feel. Precisely positioned tungsten weights low in the heads deliver higher trajectories and steeper landing angles.

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The shorter, scoring irons are forged by joining a 1025 carbon steel frame, hosel and separate face … but Hogan’s engineers have removed heavier steel material inside and replaced it with a lightweight Titanium core. It means just the right amount of mass is removed from the center of each club, optimizing perimeter-weighting for more precise shot making.

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Linear centre of mass weighting

Ben Hogan PTx iron

Another benefit of the construction method is a consistent placed center of gravity (CG) between each head in the set. Which means if you strike shots in the center of the face … as intended … ‘ballooned’ short-iron shots, and thinned long iron shots will be minimized or eliminated altogether.

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V-Sole technology

PTx irons utilize V-Sole technology which combines a very steep / high bounce leading edge with low bounce trailing edge on the sole. This minimizes ‘digging’ or ‘dragging’ and ensures solid impact no matter if the ball is buried in deep rough, or on a tight lie in the middle of the fairway.

V-Sole Technology also allows the golfer to manipulate the position of the club head … by opening it or closing it … for better shot making.

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Preciseloft system

In the ultimate commitment to precision, PTx irons are offered in four (4) separate launch profiles. Every iron in the 7-piece set is numbered with its exact loft on the sole, and the traditional iron number designation on the hosel. All PTx irons set incorporate precise, consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron for optimal distance gapping.

Low launch loft profile: 20° / 24° / 28° / 32° / 36° / 40° / 44°

Mid launch loft profile: 21° / 25° / 29° / 33° / 37° / 41°/ 45°

Mid-high launch loft profile: 22° / 26° / 30° / 34° / 38° / 42° / 46°

High launch loft profile: 23° / 27° / 31° / 35° / 39° / 43° / 47°

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Ben Hogan PTx iron

You need to know: Ben Hogan PTx iron review

Tradition meets technology. A complex construction means the long irons have hollow frames with thin steel faces, where titanium cores in the shorter scoring clubs remove inefficient weight, optimising perimeter weighting for precise shot making. Four different launch profiles mean you tailor lofts to how you play the game.

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We say: Ben Hogan PTx iron review

We’ve not tested Ben Hogan clubs for years; the brand’s gone through serious changes in the USA. You won’t find Hogan in pro shops, as they’re ordered direct from the factory on the internet. It cuts out retailer margins and means you get very competitive pricing.

Whether golf clubs should be sold direct to consumers over the internet is a different debate, but we absolutely loved the PTx. The head shaping is second to none, the technology story is compelling and no matter whether you want standard, strong or weak lofts, there’s a launch profile to suit everyone.

Our verdict: Ben Hogan PTx iron review

It’s a leap of faith buying high value goods on the web, especially when the seller isn’t on this side of the Atlantic. If you have a good idea of your specs and aren’t afraid to order online, with no fitting, the PTx are beautiful. Not the fastest or longest, but gorgeous. Against other premium forged irons you’re likely to save yourself a couple hundred pounds, too.

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RRP: £601 + shipping (£31)

Availability: 3 - PW, AW, SW

Stock shaft: Choose from four premium options

7-iron loft: Choose from 32°/ 33°/ 34°/ 35°

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