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The 0211 is PXG’s brand new affordable, super versatile iron that targets everyone from 0-25 handicappers.

“Affordable” isn’t a word said very often by billionaire PXG owner Bob Parsons. But that’s what he asked for when he tasked his team of engineers to create a new range for 2021.

Parsons has built the PXG brand on a “designed without cost restriction” mantra, and it’s now well established as a serious option for golfers who don’t mind paying top dollar for brilliant products made from the finest materials (along with a very personal fitting session).

But Parsons – who built his fortune by selling domain names online – felt it was time to attract the eye of a whole new audience.

Until now PXG have been all about premium prices (they’ve made one iron at a “reasonable cost” before, they were the 0211 (2019) at £1,400 a set, see below). Their plan for 2021 though is to upset the applecart and pitch the new 0211 iron in at club golfers looking for alternatives to the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping.

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What you need to know about the PXG 0211 iron

RRP: from £80 per club

Availability: 4 – LW

Stock shafts: True Temper Elevate 95g or Elevate Tour (s) Mitsubishi MMT 70 or 80g (g)

7-iron loft: 28°

Forgiveness rating: 3.5 (See how the 0211 compares in data to other 3.5 irons here)

Versatility is at the core of the whole 0211 family, so it’s little surprise to hear the new hollow body iron, with its muscleback look will target everyone from beginners to tour players.


PXG say the muscleback shape gives room for the brands DualCOR technology inside and that along with a 2° stronger loft (7-iron) and ½” longer shafts add up to an extra 12.6 yards carry distance over the original 0211 (2019) iron. That really does mean you’ll be hitting one less club for approaches.

Everything about the iron is progressive, which satisfies the wants of a huge majority of golfers. The long irons have wider soles, longer blade lengths (so you get a larger face area at maximum flex) and extra offset so they’re fast but easy to launch and thanks to having 15% more undercut face area their also more forgiving.

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You get the same face material as the 0311 Gen3 irons (which are £205 each) but thanks to targeting cost on the 0211’s design brief the head material is cast 431 stainless steel, where the Gen3 are forged.

There’s also no PXG signature tungsten perimeter weighting (which PXG say often costs more to create than some brands whole iron heads) which means you give up about 9% MOI against the similar shaped 0311 Gen3 XF iron. For us at least this demonstrates perfectly what you pay for when you buy PXG’s more expensive forged irons.


Thanks to Bob Parsons insistence that game improver irons should look great and have just as much allure as a player model there’s also a new angled top rail. The design hides what would have been the sort of thick top edge expected of a mid-handicap iron, but at the same time improves forgiveness as it tapers slightly wider towards the toe.

PXG say they’re still utterly focused on custom fitting golfers to the model that best suits them, however the 0211 is much more simple and will be more widely accessible with less or no fitting which is a great solution for golfers intimidated by the fitting process.

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In fact the iron covers off so many bases well PXG think it’s likely they will appear in a few of their pro’s hands on tour this season, even though they were never the intended audience.

There’s also a PXG 0211 ST muscleback

2021 is THE year PXG have come out all guns blazing to get more golfers eyes on their products than ever before. And to ensure there’s solutions to suit everyone’s bag and budget there’s also an affordable 0211 ST blade within the family.


The 0211 ST is three times forged (from 8620 carbon steel), expect a super clean traditional blade design and a solid body construction to deliver great workability and feel. The ST’s are available from 4 – GW from £110 per club, and remember they can be mix and matched amongst any other PXG iron to create your own personal combo set.

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Verdict: PXG 0211 (2021) iron

No the price isn’t a typo, you really can buy a 5-SW set of PXG irons this year for £833, and if PXG’s premium forged Gen3 XP model hadn’t topped our distance and forgiveness charts the 0211 model would definitely have been amongst the favourites in our ‘Best 2021 Mid-Handicap iron test‘.

Like the Ping G425 the 0211 are a really good progressive set. There’s smaller more compact heads and less offset where golfers can handle them and longer blade lengths and extra offset to help flight the longer sticks.

PXG have built their name on forged irons, but the 0211 have a cast construction. Thanks to not having the brands familiar perimeter weighting set-up and a cast construction PXG can hit lower price points. PXG say thanks to forgoing the perimeter weighting you give up 9 – 10% MOI but that’s the price you pay for PXG’s premium iron models.

The 0211 is a really attarctive iron and it will catch the eyes of a very wide audience of golfers. We see them as a cracking 2021 iron model which many will find tough to resist at less than a £1K a set.     

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PXG 0211 iron specs


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PXG 0211 Iron – 2019

PXG started out in 2015, the brands the brainchild of GoDaddy billionaire Bob Parsons, yet many industry insiders said the idea of selling super premium golf equipment to well healed golfers would never work.

Some gave PXG 18 months, others said it would take three years for Parsons to realise he’d burnt his fingers in golf, just like countless others before him. 

But four years on PXG are thriving. They sponsor a solid stable of top tour players, sales are on an upwards trajectory and 2019 sees them as the makers of the most forgiving driver on the market (PXG chopped £300 off the drivers price so it’s much more inline with the competition). So now seems like the perfect time to adapt their business model to go after the golfing masses. 

If there’s been a criticism of PXG over it’s four year life, it’s been how at £2500 a set, their irons are probably out of reach of the majority of club golfers. Which is precisely why some find the super exclusive brand so attractive. But PXG are breaking with their four year tradition. They’re launching the new 0211 iron for half the cost (£200 per iron) of the forged 0311 model (£400), which is the flagship of their business and the foundation stone of PXG. 0211 though are a significantly different iron to what’s gone before them, this is their story.

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PXG 0211 Iron

PXG 0211 irons – £200 per club

What you need to know about the PXG 0211 (2019) iron  

The major difference between 0311 and 0211 irons is how the new model is made using a cast not forged construction. Every other iron in PXG’s history has been forged so there’s a significant change in thinking, which obviously affects price.

PXG say the body is cast from 431 stainless steel, just like you’ll find in other leading premium irons. There’s also a maraging HT1770M face to maximise face flex and ball speed, and it’s the thinnest constant thickness face in the game.

What’s really significant though is the 0211 iron has a hollow body construction, the same as previous PXG irons. Inside, there’s the brands COR2 material (the same as you’ll find in 0311 irons), which PXG insist makes the hollow body, fast-face design possible. COR2 supports the face, and rebounds quicker after impact too, raising ball speeds, it also improves distance control performance across the whole face and maximises sound and feel. And it’s this say PXG that separates the 0211 from the other unsupported face (cast) irons.

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PXG 0211 Iron

PXG are well known for utilising multiple weights to up fitting options in all their equipment designs, but the 0211 comes movable weight free. It means on centre hit performance between the 0311 and 0211 irons is virtually indistinguishable.Yet there’s a 7 – 10% drop off in MOI (forgiveness) performance with the 0211 on miss hits (as tungsten weights in the 0311s position mass for forgiveness performance). PXG though, always promised the premium 0311s delivered ultimate performance, and the lack of movable weights shaves further cost from the bill. 

With four sets of forged PXG irons in the range already, who are the 0211s aimed at? Well PXG say they’ve been designed to suit the widest audience of golfers possible. And that means they’ve created the brands first true progressive iron set. Long irons are shaped like the 0311 XF Gen 2 irons, with wider soles and very similar offset. Where the shorter irons (8 – PW) transition to more compact profiles and less offset, very much the 0311 P Gen 2 iron.

A further break with tradition see’s the new 0211 come fitted with ‘stock shafts’, as PXG usually insist on fitting golfers to their best option. True Temper Elevate 95 and Elevate Tour are the steel choice along with a new Mitsubishi MMT graphite, all other shafts incur upgrade charges. 

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PXG 0211 Iron

PXG on the questions you’re bound to ask:

Why did PXG decide to create a cast iron?

We’ve been incredibly pleased with the success of the 0311s (there’s no doubt the triple forging is amazing but expensive), we realise though a large segment of golfers are not yet ready to step up and purchase them. For years these golfers have asked us to embody our technology in a more affordable, high performance club, designed just for them. The 0211 are the answer to those requests.

Why are the 0211s less expensive than the  forged 0311s?

In short because they cost less to make. The 0311s are triple forged, and feature proprietary perimiter weighting technology. The 0311s come in four different head shapes and a wide array of shaft options. The 0211 irons come as one high-performance club, there’s two premium shaft options, it’s these factors that significantly lower price.

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What materials are used to produce each club?

0311 irons are forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, the 0211s are investment cast from 431 stainless steel.

Why would someone buy 0311s versus 0211s?

0311 offer vast fitting options, exceptional workmanship, preference for forged over cast construction and some performance gains. These are the result of the embodied technologies , they’re enhanced by the 0311s more precise fitting options.

Are the 0211 irons the future of PXG?

The 0211s will play a meanigful role in the future of the company, but they certainly don’t define PXG. Our 0311 irons will continue to drive our R&D efforts and be our flagship product.

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PXG 0211 Iron

PXG 0211 (2019) iron specs


#4 – 21.5 #5 – 24 #6 – 27 #7 – 31 #8 – 35 #9 – 40 W – 45 G – 50 S – 55 L – 60 


#4 – 0.235″ #5 – 0.195″ #6 – 0.165″ #7 – 0.130″ #8 – 0.095″ #9 – 0.070″ W – 0.050″ G – 0.045″ S – 0.034″ L – 0.020″ 

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Product Information

PXG 0211 Iron

RRP: from £80 per club

Availability: 4 - LW

Stock shafts: True Temper Elevate 95g or Elevate Tour (s) Mitsubishi MMT 70 or 80g (g)

7-iron loft: 28°

Forgiveness rating: 3.5 (See how the 0211 compares to other 3.5 irons here)

Visit the PXG website here www.PXG.com

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