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Designing putters which sell in big numbers is a hit and miss business. When designers get it right, tons of tour pros use them, some win with them and consumers buy them by the gazillion.

Ping, at least originally, built its brand on Anser putter sales, but while there’s been a lot of Tour success over the years with countless models, it has been some time since Ping launched a model that captured the golfing public’s imagination and delivered massive sales. Ping reckons its new Heppler family can hit that spot.  

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It’s a nine-model line-up (the Piper comes in both a centre shaft and armlock model), with two blades and seven mallet/MOI models, all of which deliver super high MOI performance thanks to an aluminium and stainless steel construction.     

Surprisingly, Ping’s also turning its back on insert and face groove technology and instead focusing on giving golfers a firmer feel and more pleasing sound.   

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“With the Heppler series, we’re providing golfers a firmer-feeling putter in highly forgiving models to ensure a choice that fits their stroke and eye,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President. “We’ve chosen a very precise manufacturing process that has significantly advanced our ability to create high-MOI mid-mallets and mallets by combining aerospace-grade aluminium with steel. The contrasting copper and black finish provides alignment cues and a visually appealing, premium look that’s attracting a lot of interest on tour.” 

“Fitting continues to be an important part of our putter technology as well,” Solheim said. “We’ve made improvements to the feel of our adjustable-length shaft technology and the new putters are available to fit every stroke type so golfers can find a putter to match their stance and stroke.”

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Ping Heppler putters

Ping Heppler Putters: Key Features

Adjust me up

Heppler is Ping’s second family of putters with adjustable length shafts as standard (they’re stiffer and come in a black chrome finish for a sleek new look). Length is adjustable from 32-36in; Ping says eight out of 10 golfers use the wrong length putter which plays a crucial role in hitting putts from the centre.   

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Multi-material construction

Lightweight, cast aluminium chassis are teamed with strategically positioned heavy steel weights. The idea allows Ping’s engineers to position the centre of gravity in each head to boost forgiveness, creating an extremely high MOI family for more consistency.   

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Ping Heppler Putter Slight Arc stroke

 New grip options

With Ping at the forefront of custom fitting, Heppler comes as standard with four grip options, all of which vary is shape and size, to ensure you get a grip that gives you the perfect fit and feel.     

Ping Heppler grip options

New colours

Colours promise to give visual cues to help you align squarely at your target more often. Heppler mixes black with copper (with either white sightlines or a black alignment dot) to create a distinctive look as you address a white ball.  

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Ping Heppler Putters Straight Strokes

Heppler Putters: The full line-up 

Ping Heppler Anser 2 putter

Ping’s business was built on the success of the Anser, it’s no surprise the most copied putter design of all time is part of the Heppler line-up. Bearing the same heel-toe weighting that helped make the original Anser 2 so popular, the Heppler version also shares the original’s angled heel ballast. Good for slight arc putting strokes.

RRP: £250.00 Putter Type: Blade Material: Steel Head Weight: 350g
Stroke Type: Slight Arc
Ping Heppler Anser putter

Ping Heppler ZB3 putter

A narrow body, short slant hosel design with lots of toe hang. A larger section of the cavity was carved out and the heel-toe ballasts are larger than those in the ZB 2 to achieve a high MOI. A good fit for strong arc putting strokes. The simplest single dot alignment aid you’ll find. 

RRP: £250.00 Putter Type: Blade Material: Steel Head Weight: 355g Stroke Type: Strong Arc
Ping Heppler ZB3 putter

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Ping Heppler Piper C putter

A centre-shafted mini mallet (also available as a longer armlock model). Relative to other centre-shafted models, the CG is lower and MOI is higher because of steel heel and toe weights integrated with the aluminium body. Two white sight lines frame the ball brilliantly at address. Good for straighter putting strokes.

RRP: £250.00 Putter Type: Mid-mallet Material: Aluminium/Steel face Head Weight: 365g Stroke Type: Straight

Ping Heppler Piper C

Ping Heppler Tyne 3 putter

A modern fanged design which spreads mass and ups stability. At address, the ratio of aluminium to steel appears to be 50/50; in fact, steel accounts for 2/3 of the weight, created by a thick back flange, resulting in a lower, much deeper CG and a higher MOI. A slant neck hosel means the Tyne 3 has toe hang which so it’s well suited to slight arc strokes.

RRP: £275.00 Putter Type: Mallet Material: Aluminium face/Steel
Head Weight: 360g Stroke Type: Slight Arc
Ping Heppler Tyne

Ping Heppler Fetch putter

The Fetch has a sneaky high MOI as the head has a ball-sized hole in the centre which boosts forgiveness. The colour contrasting helps golfers focus on the alignment lines, causing the holed-out section to fade and not be the primary focus. The whole head fits inside the hole to retrieve holed putts. Good for straight strokes.

RRP: £275.00 Putter Type: Mallet Material: Aluminium/Steel face Head Weight: 365g
Stroke Type: Straight

Ping Hepppler Fetch putter

Verdict: Ping Heppler Fetch putter

Our pro used a Ping Sigma 2 Fetch to win four times on the Midlands PGA circuit last year, so he was keen to see what extra the new multi-material Heppler Fetch brought to the table.

He loved the brilliant new copper and black cosmetics, but it’s fair to say there was a big difference in sound and feel to the dual material insert of his previous Sigma 2 model.

That’s exactly why Ping have introduced Heppler, to give consumers a choice, as they’re well aware not everyone wants a super-soft insert. Neil wasn’t a big fan of the sound, but the lighter aluminium core removes mass and helps boost stability.

And for golfers who want a firmer, more responsive feel and sound (and there’s plenty out there who will), when you throw in the adjustable length shaft and four grip sizes/profiles, the Heppler Fetch is very attractive overall package.

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Ping Heppler Floki putter

Just the sort of MOI model that wasn’t available a few years ago, boasting the second-highest MOI in the Heppler line, owing to its 2/3 steel, 1/3 aluminium construction. A short slant hosel means a good amount of toe hang. Floki is a good fit for golfers who like releasing the putter through impact due to significant steel around the perimeter prevents twisting. Suited to strong arc-shaped strokes.   

RRP: £275.00 Putter Type: Mallet Material: Aluminium face/Steel Head Weight: 365g
Stroke Type: Strong Arc

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Ping Heppler Ketch putter

With its wide body, MOI head and bent hosel design, Ping says the Ketch is a good fit for straight and slight arc putting strokes. Its sole is steel, which also wraps the perimeter; a big reason this ½ steel, ½ aluminium Ketsch nearly doubles the MOI of the Ping Vault 2.0 Ketsch. Lots of path and target cues to help alignment. 

RRP: £275.00 Putter Type: Mallet Material: Aluminium face/Steel Head Weight: 370g
Stroke Type: Slight Arc or Straight

Ping Heppler Tomcat 14 putter

Big MOI putters are a growing trend. Back wings up forgiveness, and there’s a 14 dot alignment system inspired by the lights on an airport’s runway. The dots get closer together front to back to simulate motion, help with eye tracking and frame the ball. The back ballasts are cored out and steel filled in this ½ steel, ½ aluminium putter. Best for a Slight Arc or Straight putting stroke. 

RRP: £275.00 Putter Type: Mallet Material: Aluminium face/Steel Head Weight: 370g
Stroke Type: Slight Arc or Straight

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Ping Heppler Piper Armlock putter

A mid-mallet is the predominant putter style among armlock players for its desirable head shape and this Piper relies on the same low-CG, high-MOI, heel-toe weighted Piper C head. The difference is a double-bend shaft (std. length 41 ½”) and it attaches heel-side as opposed to the centre, a 21-inch grip and standard loft is 6°. For a Slight Arc or Straight stroke. 

RRP: £275 Putter Type: Mid-Mallet Material: Aluminium/Steel face Standard length: 41.5″ Head Weight: 355g Stroke Type: Slight Arc or Straight

Ping Heppler Piper Armlock putter

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Ping Heppler Putter Strong Arc

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