5 clubs that suit slower swing speeds


Five products which are especially good for lower swing-speed golfers

Golfers are an ageing breed, and brands are starting to wise up to how lighter head, shaft and grip combinations can help maximise club speed and carry distance. Here’s five products which are especially good for lower swing-speed golfers.


Driver £229; Fairway £169; Hybrid £149; Irons £449-£699

A whole range of lightweight draw biased forgiving clubs. Heel weighting and offset hosels help square the face at impact at lower speeds.

The engineers behind Cobra’s F-Max range have focused only on producing the lightest, most forgiving woods, hybrids and irons available – which they say will work better for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

New super lightweight 50g shafts mean more swing effort’s turned into ball speed and Cobra reckon a new crown stripe boosts confidence at address and helps you set up squarer to the target more often.

Weighting has been strategically positioned closer to the heel to help golfers deliver a squarer club face at impact, an offset hosel also promotes a higher trajectory with added draw bias. 

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Driver RRP: £289

A counterbalanced driver. It means golfers use the same amount of e ort but the club travels faster, adding ball speed and carry distance. The HD’s set up to hit high draws to keep you away from the right rough.


Irons RRP: £849 (s), £1099 (g)

Imagine the fun you’d have if every club in your bag was as easy to hit as a driver. Sound like a good idea? Well it’s the inspiration engineers have used to create the new super-forgiving and ultra-playable TaylorMade M CGB irons. Every iron delivers the same amount of face flex as a driver, which TaylorMade says helps keep shots in the air for longer and adds yards to your game.

“Honestly it’s like playing the game with a bagful of drivers TaylorMade’s Director of Irons Tomo Bystedt told TG.

“Our engineers have designed every iron face to deliver the same amount of flexibility and bounce back as a driver, and we’re the only brand to have a full set of maximum COR irons on the market.”

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Wedges RRP: £109

More closely matched to cavity back irons than a tour-style bladey wedge. The CBX also has a lighter shaft specifically to optimise performance in the hands of club golfers.

Cleveland’s CBX Wedge is a cavity back wedge aimed at average golfers to improve their forgiveness and performance. Cleveland are legendary when it comes to the short game but they reckon 84% of golfers play the game with the wrong wedges.

Despite the fact that the majority of golfers play with cavity back irons, they use tour style bladed wedges. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you think about it, so Cleveland are trying to solve that problem with the CBX wedge.

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Rogue Irons RRP: £1,049 (g)

Brands are wising up to the fact that lots of committed golfers are getting older, and their swings are getting slower – and Callaway Rogue W irons are directly aimed at those players; golfers who now need to hit their 6-iron instead of the 7.

The Rogue W Irons have the same speed face tech but weaker lofts, wider soles and a lighter swing weight than the other Rogue irons. As a result they do still embodying the Rogue philosophy to break away from established protocols to develop new ways to extract maximum performance, ensuring they are easy to launch and very forgiving in the hands of slower-swinging golfers. 

These irons feature a premium multi-material construction to combine new technologies with advancements to our industry-leading technologies that Callaway say have helped them become the #1 Iron Brand in Golf. By pushing themselves to reach unprecedented performance levels, Callaway say they’ve created the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever in a Callaway Iron.

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rogue w irons


Golf Ball RRP: £25 per dozen

Designed to perform at low and mid swing speeds the JPX is a two-piece ball. Micro dimples keep the ball in the air for longer, and a soft compression core means it feels more like a tour level ball say Mizuno.

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