Benross launch three new ranges of affordable golf clubs


Benross, the brand that offers affordable performance golf clubs, has unveiled its new trio of adjustable drivers offering different performance characteristics aimed at different abilities of golfer.

The new drivers feature adjustable face angles – up to 1.5° open or closed. You can now match the face angle to the loft you want, picking either the 10°, forward CG 450cc RIP, 12° HOT or forgiving 14° MAX model to find your optimum launch, trajectory and shape. In total, there are 90 different combinations for the golfer to choose from. All drivers come with a Tour proven aldila shaft.

“Its a breakthrough year for Benross as we’ve incorporated more technology into our new ranges than ever before,” Jon Everitt, Benross CEO, told TG. “Club golfers can now tailor three different Benross drivers to optimise their own game. Whether the golfer’s game necessitates closed or open face angles to create a shot bias, or different CG weighting positions to optimise launch and spin or the choice of three different Tour standard Aldila shafts we really have a brilliant solution for every golfer in 2015.”

New for this year is Benross’ use of plasma-welding on the drivers. They have done this to be able to eliminate the need for a welding bar, position the sole weights inside the head more effectively and implement the adjustable hosel adaptor. As a result, internal testing has shown the new drivers can deliver ball speeds 2-3mph faster than the previous Tungsten Inert Gas welding method. Benross say the new drivers also boast a better sound as well as a more solid and powerful feel. The SPEED 2 fairway woods and hybrids continue from last year into 2015.

Details: RRP £199.99.

To compliment the range of Drivers, Benross have announced three new irons for 2015: RIP Speed, HOT Speed and MAX Speed.


RIP Speed 10 Irons

An improvement in the construction and design of the RIP SPEED 10 irons’ Dual Speed Cavity has created an increase in ball speed during testing of two mph. Like last year, the most compact model in range features a player profile with perimeter weighting and a Speed Cavity (a slot in the sole) filled with a polymer to keep out dirt and dampen vibration, enhancing feel. They also come in a darker finish.

Details: 4-PW. £379.99 steel, £429.99 graphite


HOT Speed 10 Irons

The irons have the same spec as the RIP model but have a slightly deeper cavity back and are longer from heel to toe, boosting forgiveness. The also come in an anti-glare, black PVD finish.

Details: 5-SW. RRP £329.99 steel, £379.99 graphite


MAX Speed 10 Irons

In the irons, an extra deep cavity back increases perimeter weighting and playability from more lies. A game improvement profile optimizes performance for the target player seeking launch assistance and forgiveness, aided further by extra offset.

Details: 6-SW plus a 28° hybrid, RRP £299.99 steel, £329.99 graphite.

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