TaylorMade reveal new M CGB irons


TaylorMade have revealed their new super-forgiving and ultra-playable M CGB irons – and say they are so easy to hit it’s like having a bag full of drivers

Imagine the fun you’d have if every club in your bag was as easy to hit as a driver. Sound like a good idea? Well it’s the inspiration engineers have used to create the new super-forgiving and ultra-playable TaylorMade M CGB irons.

“Honestly it’s like playing the game with a bagful of drivers TaylorMade’s Director of Irons Tomo Bystedt told TG.

“Our engineers have designed every iron face to deliver the same amount of flexibility and bounce back as a driver, and we’re the only brand to have a full set of maximum COR irons on the market.”

“The CGB name is iconic and represents some of the longest and most forgiving irons we’ve ever created. The concept has now been re-created with all our latest technology to bring never-before seen performance to golfers of all levels.”

For golfers, and especially those with lower than average swing speeds, the introduction of the TaylorMade M CGB irons means more launch, ball speed and carry distance.

And because the TaylorMade M CGB iron heads are big, have a huge cavity back and tungsten toe and heel weighting, they also deliver maximum off-centre forgiveness and playability too. It all sounds like a good idea to us, this is how they’ve done it.

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TaylorMade M CGB Iron: Tungsten weights

TaylorMade M CGB Irons: Key Features

Pushing the limit for maximum distance in every iron: TaylorMade claim that having the M CGB irons in your bag is like having a full set of drivers – easy to hit with big distance attached. So we’ve had a look at the key features TaylorMade have employed in their M CGB irons to achieve this. 

A Sub-2mm face thickness in every iron pushes the limit on ball speed and distance

Ultra-low CG placement for high-trajectory and optimized spin rates

Consistently high COR through the set, making it our fastest set from 4-PW ever 

Oversized profile to make the club face of the TaylorMade M CGB irons larger and therefore much easier to use with the highest levels of forgiveness to get a greater sized area to flex more

Fluted hosel: Weight is scooped out of the CGBs fluted hosel and positioned lower to have a better impact on forgiveness. 

360deg Undercut inside the TaylorMade M CGB iron’s top edge, removing weight from high in the blade, yet still maintaining a great feel and sound. 

Dual accordion sole slot: The TaylorMade M CGB iron has an ultra-thin leading edge and an according style sole with Speed Pocket to improve both forgiveness  in the face in addition to improving ball speed 

Four milled Tungsten micro- weights have been placed in the toe and the heel of the irons improve resistance to twisting on off centre hits, increasing accuracy for higher and straighter shots, and keeping ball speeds higher.

Geocoutic Technology for Fine-Tuned Sound and Feel achieved by precision-shaped head, advanced Hybrar damper and stiff 3D sound badge. 

360 undercut

TaylorMade M CGB Irons: Key Details

TaylorMade M CGB £849 (s) £1099 (g) for 7 irons

Availability: 4 – PW, AW, SW

Stock shaft: Nippon NS Pro 840 (s) UST Recoil 460 ES (g)  

Expect to see the M CGBs instore from October 1st 2017, for further information visit www.taylormadegolf.com

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