Callaway launch three new golf balls: Supersoft 19, Supersoft Magna and ERC Soft


Callaway have unveiled three new golf balls for 2019: A new Supersoft 19' golf ball, and two completely new products: the performance led 'ERC Soft' and larger than normal Supersoft Magna

All three new golf balls released by Callaway have a unique selling point, with each targeting a different aspect of performance; length, spin and feel, and how it launches.  

Here's everything you need to know.

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball

£34.99 per doz

The ERC Soft is a brand new golf ball for 2019, with a new innovative design that Callaway will set a new standard for distance-enhancing performance. 

Callaway are so confident about the performance of this ball that they’ve named it after their founder, Ely Reeves Callaway, who was all about developing products that were different and meaningfully better. Callaway says this is the longest ball in their 2019 line-up, but still offers lots of spin and control around the green.

erc soft

How? A graphene dual-soft fast core, which is similar to the core in the Chrome Soft, in a new “Hybrid Cover” of multiple materials that offers speed. The most visible change though is “Triple Track Technology” – three lines on the ball that has the same visual cues used to land planes on aircraft carriers. Three lines on half the ball are said to aid alignment on green. 

Callaway Supersoft 19 Golf Ball

£22.99 per doz

Replacing the 2017 Callaway Supersoft, the newest version of the softest ball Callaway makes is a long, straight distance ball that's incredibly soft. 


It combines their lowest compression and new low-spin HEX Aerodynamics pattern to promote longer distance and straighter shots off every club. And around the green, the softer Trionomer cover generates greater shot-stopping spin and better feel to improve your short game performance.

And with its soft feel, an ultra-low compression core for fast ball speeds, and super low spin and low drag, it's a ball that golfers love to play.

Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Ball

£22.99 per doz

This brand new for 2019 oversized golf ball is like nothing else out there; it’s a larger than normal ball which has all the super soft characteristics of Supersoft with a super easy-to-hit construction.


It's a more forgiving golf ball that still conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf, and it's aimed at beginners, juniors and players who struggle with consistent solid contact, and those looking for more distance and easy launch.

Its size gives it a higher centre of gravity, so it’s easier to launch shots. And because it’s bigger Callaway says you’ll hit it closer to the face and have more confidence when you look down on it. It’s built off the same platform as the Supersoft.