Tyrrell Hatton: 4 Driving Tips for Power and Accuracy


Tyrrell Hatton: 'Check these four positions for more power and accuracy with driver'

I haven't really changed my swing since I was about 17. I like to keep things simple so I can think about playing golf and shooting good scores rather than what my swing is doing. It's consistent and I can repeat it easily, which really helps me in pressure situations.

If I'm not playing well then my dad (my coach) and I just try and get the swing back to where it was when I was 17 because all the coaching was really done prior to that. There are certain positions we look at to check that my swing is in the right place.

1: You must address the ball well

The set-up is so important because it enables you to swing how you want to. For driver, my feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart and the ball is just inside my left heel, so the shaft is leaning slightly away from target. I'm completely balanced and like to feel about 60% of my weight towards my toes. My feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all parallel to the target line.

2: Turn against a stable lower half 

I make a slightly shorter backswing than some players with the club not quite reaching parallel because it gives me a bit more control. But I'm still able to generate plenty of power because my shoulders have turned past 90° and my hips are building resistance for the downswing. I have more weight shift than I would for an iron because it encourages an upward hit.

3: Maintain the lag to create speed

I start the downswing and get my weight shifting and hips turning with a little bump of the hips towards the target in the transition. I don't want to release my hands and unload the lag I've created by maintaining the set in my wrists until my hands are below my waistline. I worked really hard on this when I was 13 because it's something all the world's top players do.

4: Extend down the line after impact

I like to see a really full extension of the club and my arms through impact and into the through- swing as this is a good sign for the path and plane of the club. My head has remained centred and hasn't moved towards target at all. Both my heels are o the ground, which is something I've done since I was a youngster to increase my power from the ground up.



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