Putting essentials

2. Get your grip right


Why do you hold the putter the way you do? Whenever I ask most people that question it's because they copied someone else – a relative, friend or Tour player. But that tried and trusted grip may not be your best option. Think about your stroke and where you tend to miss before trying one of the following options, which some of the Tour's best putters use.


 Right below left - like Rory


 Left below right - like Jordan


This is the option for the person who likes to let the putter release slightly as the bottom hand helps to promote some rotation of the clubface within the stroke. If you tend to push putts, or leave the face open, give this a try and feel the clubface rotate a little and return to square at impact.


If you struggle with closing the face too much and pull putts, or simply like to feel as though you putt with minimal face rotation, this will keep your lead wrist firmer and the face squarer. Make sure the lead wrist is flat, with the grip end of the club maintaining its distance to the forearm through the stroke.


 Open palm


 Whatever you do...


This is a great 'anti-yip' grip for anyone who tends to hit at the ball with a stroke that is not smooth. Keep your top hand in position and guide the putter with the thumb and forefinger of the bottom hand. 


Keep your lead arm in unison with the shaft. This will reduce the 'angles' within your stroke and allow for fewer moving parts, and so fewer compensatory movements. If you can't do this the chances are your putter is the wrong length for you.

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