Stack & Tilt® Fundamental 1: Hit the ground after the ball


It’s a revolutionary swing model that the inventors, American pros Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer claim is ‘remaking golf’. But what’s it all about and could it work for your game?

The biggest difference between club and Tour players is their ability to strike the golf ball purely. You can measure this by noting where the club hits the ground. The best golfers all hit the ground on the target side of the golf ball in the same place with their irons – there’s very little variation. This is fundamental number one.

Whereas the average club golfer will hit the ground behind the ball or miss the ground all together. In addition to this, the variation as to where they strike the ground is much greater. Under S&T, keeping weight forward throughout the swing helps keep the low point of the swing arc consistently ahead of the ball.

James Ridyard is a TG Elite Pro and qualified Stack & Tilt Instructor based at the Kartell Golf Performance Centre in Bedford.