Stack & Tilt® Fundamental 2: Hit the ball far enough for your course


Club golfers need to be able to hit the ball far enough to reach all the holes in the regulation number of shots. The longest hitters in the game – Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson etc – turn their hips a lot in the backswing to do this.

This move allows the hands to travel inwards at the start of the swing, which moves the butt of the club the furthest away from the ball allowing you to create speed.

S&T promotes depth on the backswing rather than width. S&T believes that as the body isn’t designed like a spring, it can’t wind up. The inventors like to think of the golf swing as a catapult rather than a spring.

James Ridyard is a qualified Stack and Tilt Instructor based at the Kartell Golf Performance Centre in Bedford.