Launch Monitors


Swing Caddie SC300 – £469

Portable, affordable launch monitors are a growing trend. And part of the trend at least is fuelled by golfers realising they can get just as much – or more – enjoyment from the game by holding on to their current driver or irons for a little longer and investing in technology instead.

The SC300 is perfect for golfers wanting to work on their own game (in target mode) and great for understanding gapping with each club in the bag. If you’re a dedicated practiser and want to know how far you hit each wedge, which can really help improve scoring, or how far half shots or knockdowns actually fly, the SC300 will give you all the answers.


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SkyCaddie SkyTrak – £1,895

We know the vast majority of golfers are never going to drop £10,000 on a launch monitor – and that’s where units like the SkyTrak come to the fore. We’ve used it in the past for testing, and the data it delivers is more than enough for most golfers. And at less than £2,000, it’s a lot more affordable.

While we’ve used it mainly to gather numbers, it’s a very accessible simulator too, and the opportunity to practise and play on tens of thousands of golf courses in HD at home or in your garage is a massive plus point.


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Foresight Sports GC Quad – £9,995 (plus VAT)

For pros and lottery winners who want a home simulator, the GC Quad is our launch monitor of choice – that’s why we use it for ALL our club testing.

The amount of information you can glean from one is incredible. Of course, you get all the “usual” data you’d expect – carry distance, spin rates, clubhead speed, total distance, accuracy. But the GC Quad excels for us because it also gives you strike impact data; where the ball hits the face, and how that affects launch, carry etc. That’s crucial when testing or fitting clubs because it lets you see how different technology mitigates off-centre strikes.




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