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It couldn’t be simpler! There’s no need to wait for your vouchers to arrive in the post, you will receive them via email so you can play your round the same day. Pick from nearly 1,000 courses and for this week, get 2 eVouchers for only a fiver! Find a course near you and play half-price today!


Need inspiration for your next golf trip away? Golf Breaks is the ultimate guide to the best golf holidays.

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Take a look at our Top 100 list of the best golf courses in Britain and Ireland. 

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TipOfTheWeek TipOfTheWeek

Tip of the week

Need help with your bunker play? The Pros are here to help. In this golf tips video, Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Louis Oosthuizen demonstrates how to effectively execute the flop shot over a bunker.

Tips and Tuition DRIVING TIPS

Watch our great driving tips here to give you more power and accuracy off the tee.

Tips and Tuition SHORT GAME

Chip and pitch with confidence and accuracy using our chipping and pitching video tips.

Tips and Tuition BUNKER PLAY

Improve your shots out of the sand and watch our great bunker play tips here.

Tips and Tuition FAULT FIXES

Watch our fault fix video tips and correct those hooks and slices today.

Tips and Tuition IRON PLAY TIPS

Strike irons more accurately with our brilliant iron play video tips.

Tips and Tuition PUTTING TIPS

Knock them in quicker and more accurately with our entensive library of putting video tips.

Tips and Tuition RESCUE TIPS

Get out of the rough and back on the fairway quicker with our rescue video tips.

Tips and Tuition SWING DRILLS

Watch our collection of swing drill tips and get back on plane today.

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