Swing Setup

  • Starting the downswing

    15 February 2016

    In this golf tip video, World Golf Trickshot Champion Geoff Swain talks about starting your downswing with the bottom half of your body. This is a really simple tip that could help you to hit the ball further, and even help cure your slice.      Golf Unplugged by Geoff Swain Unlike other golf improvement apps, Geoff doesn't over complicate things. The tips in the app...

  • Accuracy and distance

    04 February 2016

    In this golf tip video, World Golf Trickshot Champion Geoff Swain talks about accuracy and distance in your setup. This is a really simple tip that will help you to get your shoulders, hips, and feet all in line in preparation to hit a straight shot.      Golf Unplugged by Geoff Swain Unlike other golf improvement apps, Geoff doesn't over complicate things. The tips in...

  • The Setup

    26 January 2016

    In this golf tip video, World Golf Trickshot Champion Geoff Swain shows you a simple way to get yourself set up over the golf ball. Think football! Imagine you're a goal-keeper standing ready to save the ball... what a perfect position for a golf swing!     Golf Unplugged by Geoff Swain Unlike other golf improvement apps, Geoff doesn't over complicate things. The tips in the...

  • Keeping square at address

    26 May 2015

    In this golf tuition video, TG Elite Professional Adrian Fryer teaches you how to keep your body square when you address the golf ball.

  • Back to basics

    08 January 2015

    #1 Grip it right This is the alternative “GIR” – Grip it Right – and the ultimate cause and effect. Your hands are the only part of your body that come into direct contact with the golf club, so it’s patently obvious they will have a significant outcome on every shot you hit. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist...

  • Top 10 golf swing tips videos

    12 December 2014

    At TG we are committed to helping you improve your game, whether that’s through choosing the best golf courses, picking the right golf equipment, or with expert golf instruction. Here are our top 10 golf swing videos, with tuition tips from the TG Elite Pro team designed to get you started with golf swing basics, to ensure your skills are...

  • Danny Willett: Build your swing around your physique

    Written by Golf World & Danny Willett on 09 December 2014

    As my coach Mike Walker says, every swing needs a blend of rotational and up-and-down movement. The rotational element typically comes from body coil, but the restriction I have in my right hip limits mine. Because of this, my arms would try to create the rotation themselves, swinging in behind me on the way back. I’d then have to cock...

  • Improve Your Backswing

    28 October 2014

    Shifting your weight side to side instead of the hip turn that you’re supposed to be using? Gareth Benson shows you a quick way to promote that hip turn, which should in turn help you hit better shots across the course.

  • Be Less Static at the Tee

    28 October 2014

    Gareth Benson provides a quick tip for those golfers who freeze over the ball at the tee. Watch the video to see if what he says will improve your game and find out about the swing trigger that many pros have taken advantage of.

  • Control your swing path

    08 August 2014

    To help keep your arms connected with your body through the swing, Gareth Johnston shares a simple tip to keep your swing path on line. Take a look at the video to see his drill.

  • Downward blow on the tee

    08 August 2014

    When you really need to get that tee shot away, having something to focus on can help you to find the fairway. To get a good strike, Gareth Johnstonsuggests putting a tee peg a club-width in front of the ball and focusing on that to keep the club low through impact and creating a good impact.

  • Get your alignment right

    Written by Adrian Fryer on 13 May 2013

    In this video tip TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer talks about making sure you align correctly in your set up as part of our 25th Anniversary Best Ever Tips feature. Adrian revisits TG's former Instruction Editor Bill Robertson's 1989 lesson on parallel alignment to see what you can learn 24 years on.  ...

  • Stand tall to hit a draw

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 04 January 2013

    In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Gareth Johnston explains how adjusting your posture at set-up can help you hit a distance enhancing draw off the tee. His tip helps get your plane on a shallower path so that it attacks in-to-out and puts draw spin on the ball. A simple way to achieve this is to stand a tiny bit closer...

  • Use your divots to attain your ideal ball position

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 24 December 2012

    In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Gareth Johnston shares his simple drill to help you attain ball position. All you need to do is review your divots or scuffs made during your practise swing, you can then see where you are consistently striking the ground. While this is only a short term fix, it can be vital to get you round 18...

  • Master those in-between yardages

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 09 February 2012

    Those tricky yardages around the 100-yard mark often don’t match up with how far we hit our wedges. Most players will have quite large gaps between the yardages of each of their wedges so it’s important to know how take distance off the shot when required. In this golf video tip, TG Elite Pro Gareth Johnston explains how some simple set-up...

  • Check your grip with a tee

    Written by Tom Denby on 04 August 2011

    Not only will your free tees and ball marker with this month’s copy of Today’s Golfer come in handy on the course, they can also help you play better golf! We’ve compiled a series of exclusive video tips and drills using your free gifts to fix common faults and help you hit the ball longer and straighter, as well...

  • Be ready to swing with a dynamic posture

    Written by Richard Ellis on 01 October 2010

    The golf swing is a dynamic and powerful movement and consequently, your body needs to be in a strong position at the start of the swing to pull off great golf shots. The key to achieving this is to feel balance and stability at address, says TG Elite Teaching Pro Richard Ellis. Start the swing off right and the rest will follow!...

  • Posture Routine

    Written by Rob Watts on 04 March 2010

    Many golfers struggle to understand how to form the correct posture. In this golf video tip from TG Elite Teaching Pro Rob Watts, you can follow a routine that is guaranteed to get your body into the right position at address every time, without even needing to hold a golf club. Posture is crucial in generating power by getting your body...

  • Better your balance

    Written by Nick Clemens on 14 January 2010

    Balance is another fundamental of the game of golf that varies depending on the club you’ve chosen. It’s subtle changes in the positioning of the weight throughout your  golf swing that help you rotate the body correctly and return the club back to the ball at impact at the right angle. If you’re a golfer that suffers from sway, tilt or fail...

  • Sort your alignment

    Written by Nick Clemens on 14 January 2010

    When the direction on your golf ball starts to go awry, the first point of blame among amateur golfers is usually the golf swing! But more often than not, a simple alignment issue could be the cause of your errant shots. When your alignment is off, the body subconsciously makes adjustments in the swing which will create problems when you get...

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