We know that getting the right golf equipment for your game is vital so we have bought you the best online golf gear review resource to make sure you get it right. We have thousands of golf equipment reviews written by Today's Golfer experts and real golfers alike. Whether you're a scratch golf genius or a fully handicapped novice you'll find the right golf kit for you. Search through our reviews of golf balls, accessories, golf clubs, electric and push trolleys, golf shoes and clothing, and golf bags.

Golf Equipment Reviews

Browse our huge collection of golf equipment reviews by clicking on the images below. Whether you're looking for a new driver, irons, golf balls, or clothing, we have a huge range of gear reviewed by the equipment team at TG - and by golfers themselves. You can review your own golf gear, giving your fellow golfers valuable advice about what to buy. You'll also find out how the top gear scored in our annual gear tests, where the best equipment is put through its paces by our expert pros. Click through the images below to read our gear reviews and find out the latest launches. 

Drivers Test 2015 

The Tests: Click through to read our reviews of all the best gear on the market, tested by our experts

Putters Test 2015  Balls Test 2015

Wedges Test 2015  Hybrids Test 2015

Drivers Test 2015     Game Improvement Irons Test 2015

Drivers Test 2014     Irons Test 2014

Putters Test 2014     Wedges Test 2014

Balls Test 2014        Shoes Test 2014

Hybrids Test 2014    Distance Devices Test 2014

Fairway Woods Test 2014    Trolley Test 2014

Waterproof Test 2014

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Top buying advice, the science behind your favourite golf gear, top pro advice for choosing the right equipment, and information on how to get the most out of practising with your equipment.

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