We have hundreds of video tips and instruction videos for you to help improve every aspect of your game - from driving to putting tips, we can help you shave shots off your score. Do you need help finding the perfect golf swing? Whether you're a golfer with years of experience or a beginner learning how to play golf, our golf tips videos will help you be a better player. 

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Driving tips

Chipping and Pitching tips

Scoreable short game
Scoreable short game
09 Aug 14 10:19

Using a target for your landing zone can help improve your chipping around the...

Tuition features

Green Reading
The art of green reading
12 Feb 15 11:25

A couple of things we already know. Putts break towards water or the sea or into...

How to cure the yips
How to cure the yips
05 Jan 15 15:41

It’s an affliction that has ended careers, destroyed hobbies and driven...

Bunker Play tips

Umbrella bunker drill
Umbrella bunker drill
04 Jan 13 11:33

In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Gareth Johnston shows you an easy...

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