Rescue Shots

  • How to escape thick rough

    13 June 2017

    Escape Plan: Learn a technique to cheat thick greenside rough  Fault: Getting the club head snagged in problematic as more force is needed to thick rough Fix: Create a steep attack... and maintain wrist hinge. The one bad thing about the return of the sun is that the rough starts to thicken up. Routine greenside rough escapes suddenly become more get the club...

  • Improve your hybrid play

    09 August 2014

    Using a visual aid can help your hybrid play and Gareth Johnston shows you in our video how putting some sand in front of your ball can show if you're striking the ball with a downward blow. Take a look for more detail.

  • How to hit out a divot

    Written by Chris Ryan on 19 December 2012

    In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional Chris Ryan shows you how to hit out of divots. He starts by moving his ball position to compensate for the ball sitting lower than it usually would. He then makes his spine angle more neatural, which also helps move the handle forward, to help you dig the ball out at impact. Finally Chris changes his...

  • Video Tips: Brandt Snedeker On Hybrids

    Written by Brandt Snedeker on 01 November 2012

    Fed-Ex Cup champion Brandt Snedeker has enjoyed his best season to date, and as he prepared to try and add another big win to his season in China, he spoke to TG columnist Andrew Cotter. During the video below, filmed by WGC Champions sponsor HSBC, Snedeker shares his tips on how to attack long par-3s with a hybrid:  ...

  • Perfect the flop shot

    Written by James Ridyard on 10 August 2012

    The flop shot is one of the scariest shots in golf for the average club player and unless you've got a bit of the Phil Micklesons about you then you're likely to struggle to get down in two. But help is at hand from our TG Elite Pro James Ridyard. He's found himself greenside, in a fluffy lie, with the...

  • Grip change for a flop shot

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on 22 June 2012

    When short-sided around the green, it's important we have the requisite shot in our locker to hit our next shot close and give ourself an easy putt for par. That shot is usually the flop shot, allowing the ball to launch high and stop on landing. To play it successfully, it's a good idea to strengthen the left hand grip as...

  • Chipping from a downslope

    Written by Adrian Fryer on 14 October 2011

    The banks that feed into bunkers usually slope downwards, making any chip shot from this lie over the sand a difficult prospect. In this video tip, TG Elite Pro Adrian Fryer highlights three key adjustments you need to make to your set-up and swing in order to execute this shot successfully.

  • Master the 10-yard flop shot

    Written by Rob Watts on 24 February 2011

    Golfers are always taught to accelerate the clubhead when playing the flop shot from a tight spot beside the green. But often, this reduces the amount of control you have meaning your judgment of distance suffers. As TG Elite Pro Rob Watts explains in this golf video tip, the key to getting your ball close from the short side is swing...

  • Ball above feet

    Written by Rob Watts on 13 December 2010

    You’ll very rarely face a shot from a dead-flat lie and it’s not uncommon to find your ball lying on a slope above your feet. This lie will have a significant affect on the flight of your ball so it’s integral that you adjust your set-up to counteract this and ensure your ball finds the intended target. Aiming right of target...

  • Recovery Zone - Cut lob shot

    Written by Rob Watts on 09 July 2010

    When you’ve missed the green on the short side, the only way you can get close to the flag without hitting the pin is to play the high lob shot. This shot is ideal as it gets the ball up high and quickly, reducing the amount of run the ball will have on landing. Recovery Zone Instructor Rob Watts sees this shot as one...

  • Recovery Zone - Punch under a tree

    Written by Rob Watts on 09 July 2010

    An absolute must-have in your golfing armoury for when you find the trees off the tee is the punch shot. This shot enables the golfer to flight the ball low, underneath the lowest branches and running up towards the green. But how do you know which club to use? How do you play the shot successfully? All these questions will be answered...

  • Recovery Zone - Tight Lie Chip

    Written by Rob Watts on 09 July 2010

    Chipping from a tightly mown fairway can strike fear, or perhaps a fear of strike, into the amateur golfer.  The task of sliding our wedge underneath the ball seems almost impossible at address, causing us to reach for a safer, less lofted club, which may create a more consistent strike but might not be the correct play from your position beside...

  • Rough Rescue

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 02 July 2010

    The rescue club gets its name for precisely this reason. Where mid-irons fail to achieve a consistent strike and regular distance from tricky lies in the rough, rescue clubs come to the fore with their forgiving shape and clubface, making them the best choice. But you still need to apply to right technique. Otherwise you could find yourself in more trouble...

  • Rescue club par 3 tee shot

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 02 July 2010

    Long par 3s are an amateur golfer’s worst nightmare, especially when the wind is in the golfer’s face. Using long irons is never an attractive prospect – they stare back at you with their limited loft oozing difficulty. A rescue club provides a simpler alternative. The face is more forgiving, it’s just as easy to shape the ball and they offer...

  • Towering par 5 approach

    Written by Gareth Johnston on 02 July 2010

    Par 5 greens, like almost every green on golf courses today, are usually guarded by hazards at the front. They also tend to be a little smaller compared to other types of hole, making them less receptive to approach shots struck with longer clubs. With this is mind, we need to have the ability to hit long, high approach shots into par-fives to...

  • Recovery Zone - Backhanded tree trunk shot

    Written by Rob Watts on 02 July 2010

    It’s not a lie you’re faced with all too often but it’s certainly a potential card-wrecker if you’re not equipped with the required shot you need to extract yourself. Being up against a tree means you don’t have the option of using your usual stance; you need to be inventive in your recovery. In this golf video tip, TG Elite Teaching Pro...

  • Recovery Zone - Shape it around a tree

    Written by Rob Watts on 02 July 2010

    Trees provide a serene backdrop to many golf courses across the country. But they also prove to be a frustrating obstacle when it comes to hitting the green after a wayward drive! Sometimes, when the foliage is thick and the branches grow high, the only way to get around them is to have the ability to shape your ball dramatically with sidespin. In...

  • Recovery Zone – Divot Shot

    Written by Rob Watts on 25 June 2010

    There’s nothing worse than ripping a drive down the middle of the fairway only to find your ball resting in a divot. But don’t worry if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in this situation because all is not lost. In this video tip TG Elite Teaching Pro Rob Watts shows you how to make a clean strike and make the...

  • Recovery Zone - Shot from the collar

    Written by Rob Watts on 21 June 2010

    Your approach shot into the green on a par four takes a big bounce, bounds through the green and rests up against the collar of rough that divides the rough and the fringe. It’s an especially common scenario in the summer when the greens are firm so you need to make sure you’re prepared and know how to overcome this awkward...

  • Recovery Zone - 5-wood bullet from the rough

    Written by Rob Watts on 21 June 2010

    From the rough, you’ve got a variety of clubs you could select when hitting an approach shot into a par four or five. But there’s none more versatile than a five-wood. The longer sole of the club helps the clubhead glide through the long grass while you have the option of hitting the ball high or low depending on the direction...

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