12 November 2012 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Jake O'Reilly

Six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo has spoken out to say that Tiger Woods’ sex scandals have ruined his chances of ever eclipsing Jack Nicklaus’ haul of 18 major championships.

His harsh verdict came on BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme and comes off the back of Woods’ four-year majors drought since the revelations of his extra-marital affairs.

Faldo said: “Those revelations have done more damage than people would give them credit for. So I would lean towards no, he won’t catch Jack.

“People thought he would deal with it and then get back on the golf course.  But it’s wrecked that wonderful tranquillity you get of going to a golf course, tipping out a bag of balls and hitting them from 9-5 and just thinking of golf. He has shattered that peace, and he won’t get that back.

“Physically, technically, mentally, karma, it’s a harder climb now. Sure, he could come back and do things, but he won’t be dominant like he was.”

Woods turns 37 next month, and Faldo added: “As you get older in this game, the little demons start to sit on your shoulders because you have seen one too many bad shots. It starts to eat away at you and he has that going on.”

Faldo also told TG, during his exclusive interview in Issue 301, that: “It’s hard to say whether Tiger’s swing has improved each time he has changed it under a new coach.

“I didn’t really like Hank’s move but with his added physical strength Tiger was able to do it. There’s some moves with Sean I don’t really like either.

“Tiger will say he’s always improving because he’s getting something out of it he wants but I don’t think I’d be the only person to say Tiger’s wedge play has really taken a backwards step. His distance control is nothing like it used to be and neither is his bunker play.”

Faldo also pointed out that Rory McIlroy is now the dominant force in golf after taking over as world number one and topping the money list for 2012 on both sides of the Atlantic.

“I have been very impressed with Rory,” said Faldo. “There has only been Jack, Seve and Tiger who have won two Majors before they were 25, and now there’s Rory.

“It puts him in a very special category. There always will be pitfalls for him. He is already feeling it. He is in demand. You can't please everyone.

“You have to be your own boss. He has to pace himself and do all the right things himself. He has 20-odd years left in the game.”


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