Save 5 Shots in 5 Weeks

Save 5 shots in 5 weeks

Would you like to save shots? How about slashing five off your handicap in five weeks? Believe us, it can be done! Sign up below to receive the ‘Save 5 shots in 5 weeks’ series, for free! Over the next 5 weeks we will send you an exclusive video showing how this can be done.

Today's Golfer Top 50 pro Scott Cranfield has devised a five-week schedule to cover driving, ironplay, bunkers, chipping and putting. For each week, Scott has devised a quick test to establish your current skill level for that particular part of your game. Do it and see how you get on, before trying two specific drills to improve that area.

Scott says: "The tests I have devised for you all have scoring elements which allow you to set a baseline standard for your ability in a given area, and then try to beat it. Armed with this information, you will have something tangible to monitor your progress with, rather than mere guesswork – which can be misleading."

"The beauty of the plan, though, is that you don't need to do it all, right now. Focus on one area, or save it for winter and make this your 2017 practice routine. I guarantee it will help you save shots."