23 November 2006 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Simon Daddow, TG Gear Editor

Square drivers work - according to YOU!

An exclusive test by Today’s Golfer magazine has proved the radical clubs from Callaway and Nike help average golfers hit the ball further and straighter.

For our world first test we gathered 100 TG readers of all abilities at The Belfry and analysed their shots on a FlighScope ball tracker.

TG equipment editor Simon Daddow said: “The results were amazing – I’d thought Callaway’s FT-i and Nike’s Sumo Square would help people hit the ball straighter, but I never guessed they’d help us this much.”

See the results for yourself in new next issue of Today’s Golfer, in newsagents on November 30.

 PLUS: We filed some of the readers hitting the clubs click here to see how they got on...

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