Best Golf Tees


They're one of the most important accessories so we've picked out the best golf tees you should be pegging up. 

Whether you are Tiger Woods, a scratch golfer or a 28-handicapper, we all use golf tees, but what are the best golf tees for you?

From wooden and plastic tees to the more sustainable bamboo tees, we answer all of your tee peg questions and pick out the best golf tees available to buy.

Which golf tees do most tour pros use?

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Whichever golf tees they’re given on the Tour truck or by their sponsors!

Tour pros use wooden tee pegs and most tend to favour a plain white option so as not to distract their eyes when over the ball.

Rory McIlroy uses a white wooden golf tee

Are wooden golf tees better than plastic?

Wooden golf tees are more prone to breaking on impact than their plastic counterparts, which tend to last much longer. 

Many wooden tees come with markings or lines to help you tee the ball up at the right height for your driver or irons, while some plastic tees, such as the classic castle tee peg, make it even easier to tee it up at the right height every time.

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As with most golf equipment, you are best to try a few options to find what best suits your eye, game and wallet.

Are bamboo golf tees better than wooden and plastic?

Bamboo golf tees are certainly better for the environment than wooden and plastic pegs and fit well with golf’s drive towards a sustainable future.

As a plant, bamboo is naturally strong and flexible, so golf tees created from it tend to be more durable meaning you shouldn't find yourself throwing them away after every tee shot.

Do golf tees matter?

Yes! Laura Davies is the only well-known golfer who doesn't always use a golf tee.

A tee peg is effectively your chance to start every hole from a perfect lie. And who would want to stand on the tee of a long par 5 facing the prospect of hitting a driver off the deck? No thanks.

As 18-time Major champion Jack Nicklaus once said: "You only get 18 chances to tee it up in a round, so make use of every opportunity."

Laura Davies often uses a divot as a golf tee


Pride Professional Tee System


Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Professional Golf Tees are designed to help you set up the right way. Each tee peg is white with a colour coded bar to ensure it’s easy to identify the right option and achieve the correct height for your chosen club.

They are the most used golf tees on the PGA Tour thanks to their simple design and are available in five different height and colour options (Orange Minitee 1.5”, Red Shortee 2.25”, Yellow ProLength 2.75”, Blue ProLength-Plus 3.25”, Green ProLength-Max Green 4”).

The number of tees in the £5.99 ‘bumper’ packs varies from 75 to 120 depending on tee height, making them exceptional value at less than 8p each.


Golfers Club Collection Graduated Golf Tees


The Golfers Club Collection Graduated Golf Tees

Found in most golf club’s pro shops, the The Golfers Club Collection golf tees come in seven different heights (25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 51mm, 57mm, 70mm) to ensure you have the perfect height tee for every club, making them ideal for consistency.

They also come in a range of easy-to-spot colours to ensure you won’t be losing them after every tee shot.

With plastic considered more durable than a wooden peg and a cost of less than 14p per tee, these are a great option.

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Ocean Tee Bamboo Golf Tee


Ocean Tee Premium Bamboo Golf Tee

Ocean Tee burst onto the scene in 2019 with their strong and sustainable premium golf tees. Made from highly durable and flexible bamboo, the tees are far less prone to snapping than traditional hardwood.

The 54mm and 70mm tees come in FSC certified recyclable matchboxes of 40, with a castle-style 59mm option coming in a box of 20. Ocean Tee also offer a half-and-half box of their short and long tee pegs.

At up to 20p per tee they are slightly more expensive than your standard plastic or hardwood options, but they’re more likely to last and 25% of Ocean Tee’s profits go to charities tackling plastic pollution, promoting the health of marine environments and promoting sustainability in golf. Very impressive.


4. Lignum Tees


Lignum Golf Tee

A golf tee that does it all – adds distance, has durability, aids set up and is sustainable. Lindum tees are constructed from a new Microwood material, created using wood fibre and natural adhesives to create a more stable, flexible and sustainable peg that creates a reduced backspin rate for longer drives.

A height control ring system enables you to tee it up at the right height every time to aid consistency, while the biodegradable ‘Smart Bag’ allows one golf tee to be removed at a time without the need to tear apart the packaging.

The tees are available in five sizes (1.5”, 2.125”, 2.5”, 2.75”, 3.125”) and nine different colours, from white to punchy pink! At £4.99 a bag the tees cost from up to 42p each but it’s a small price to pay for all its benefits.

4 Yards More Golf Tee


4 Yards More Golf Tee

A golf tee that also gives you more yards… yes, please! The 4 Yards More Tee has been developed through robot testing to improve distance with its six-prong tip designed to reduce resistance and create a better contact between the clubface and the ball.

While these polymer tees are on the expensive side (just under £1.50 per peg) they are durable, with each lasting for more than 100 drives.

They come in four sizes (1.75”, 2.75”, 3.25”, 4”), easy-to-spot colours and conform to R&A and USGA specification.

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