Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron Review

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The new MP-18 SC iron from Mizuno is a more forgiving counterpart to the Muscle-back design 

The Mizuno MP18-SC is a compact cavity back – which has a slightly wider, cambered sole makes this more playable than the muscle back. Though the thin, tapered top line, short head length and smaller wedges mean this is very much a tour-ready iron. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima for the most colourful feedback through impact.  

What our test pro Chris Ryan says: “The Mizuno MP18-SC is made from the same material as the muscle-back so you’re going to get that same forged feel that Mizuno are quite well known for, but you get the split cavity – which effectively means the golf clubs are going to be a little bit more fo and a little bit easier to use.”

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Mizuno MP-18 SC iron

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“We also get a slighter bigger club head design so as I set my club to address behind the golf ball I do notice that the head size is slightly larger but it’s still very much a players golf club and in that sleeker smaller profile category.”

“Feel is very very comparable to the muscle back irons, it’s just there’s a little bit more forgiveness in there. Handicap wise this is still going to be your low handicapers, your accomplished ball strikers, but maybe who want a little bit more forgiveness in those longer irons where they feel they are going to miss-strike them a bit more. “

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Mizuno MP18 – SC: Video review

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Mizuno MP18 SC Iron Review: You Should Know

A compact cavity back, which sits seamlessly alongside the MP-18 muscleback. A slightly wider cambered sole is more playable than the MB, yet the SC thanks to a thin tapered top line, short head length and compact wedges are very much a tour ready iron. As you’d expect grain flow forged for outstanding shot feel and feedback.

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Mizuno MP18 SC Iron Review: We say

Our test pro is a huge fan of smaller headed irons, which is why the MP-18 SC were right up his street. A 34deg seven iron loft (which is 2deg more than the test average) was never going to compete when it came to raw distance. But golfers looking at buying the SC’s are much more likely to be focused on looks, feel and feedback which the SC’s score very highly on. Our test pro reckoned he hit a few shots low in the face yet still got great results, which has to say the SC has a degree of playability. As you’d expect from a forged Mizuno iron feel and sound is excellent.

We’ve tested the SC a lot over the last two years, and they’ve always drawn positives from our test pros. This is a classic forged cavity back aimed at low single gure handicappers and good ball strikers, hence the low forgiveness rating. HD forging means the lower portion of the head has been squeezed more tightly, which Mizuno say improves feel where shots are typically hit. Even though the 7-iron loft is quite weak, Neil felt SC gave a strong ball ight so he didn’t feel he’d give up anything in terms of distance to play them. As you’d expect from a forged Mizuno iron feel and sound are excellent. It’s worth pointing out Mizuno’s MP-18 irons have been in the range for two years come August, so it’s likely they’ll be replaced at some point in 2019

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Mizuno MP18 SC Iron Review: Verdict

It’s interesting more tour players have plumped for Mizuno’s JPX 900 Tour iron than the MP-18 SC. We reckon it’s highly likely to be down to them having different finishes, but if you’re into classic forged cavities MP-18 SC are a traditionalists dream. Our test pro reckons with a forgiveness rating of two, you need to have a low single figure handicap or be a very good ball striker to get the best out of them.

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Product Information

    Iron forgiveness rating
  • RRP: £135 per club
  • golf.mizunoeurope.com
  • Availability: 3 - PW
  • Stock shaft: Choice of 16 premium options
  • Seven iron loft and length: 34° loft / 36.75” length


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