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The new Ping G410 hybrid features a maraging steel face and an adjustable hosel for the first time – and all three testers would happily put it in their bag for 2019.

Ping’s first-ever adjustable hybrid allows golfers to customise their ball flight eight different ways through loft (+- 1.5˚) and lie combinations for consistently better results.

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Thinner and more flexible, the maraging-steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch. A larger profile and high-density back weight provide added stability and elevate MOI for more forgiveness. 

It comes in five loft options: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Ping G410 Hybrid: TG Verdict

Not many brands will admit to making their hybrids 6.5% bigger (the G410 is now a mid-wide head), but it’s exactly what Ping have done with the G410 (over the G400). The idea is to not only improve forgiveness, but also tailor the hybrid down to the type of golfer who buys them; those looking for extra confidence in the long game.

We loved the lively feel o the G410’s fast face, and how the aerodynamic “Turbulators” and face grooves focus attention on the back of the ball at address. Like a lot of Ping equipment right now, the G410 is a really solid option that all three testers would happily put in their own bag for 2019.


Ping G410 Hybrid: Key Features

Maraging Steel Face

To maximise distance in G410 crossovers, PING have employed C300 maraging steel as the face material. One of the strongest alloys in the world, maraging steel is commonly used in the aerospace industry, where strength and flexibility are necessities. It’s those properties that also make it an ideal face material to deliver more flexing for faster ball speeds that launch shots further and higher.

“With maraging steel, we have a material that allows us to go extremely thin with the face to give us the faster ball-speed gains we’re seeking for more distance and higher launch. The results have been amazing as we’re seeing face flexing equal to the thickness of the face,” said John Solheim. 

Best Hybrid 2019


Adjustable Hosel
The addition of a patented, eight-setting adjustable hosel to the hybrid greatly expands the fitting options to ensure proper gapping for golfers who rely on hybrids as mid- and long-iron replacements.

“Loft and lie adjustability in the hybrids will greatly benefit golfers,” said John Solheim. “It’s a technology our fitters have been asking for and we’re excited to bring it to them to help golfers fine-tune their ball flight and dial in their gaps. We’ve also expanded the colour code options in the crossover to further customise them for lie angle to better transition into an iron set.”

Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

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Tungsten Weight
A larger profile and high-density tungsten back weight in the G410 hybrid drive the MOI higher to ensure golfers the forgiveness they require while launching the ball higher


Product Information

Multi-material construction: 17-4 stainless steel head, C300 maraging steel face, high density tungsten back weight, lightweight aluminium/thermoplastic adjustable hosel

Lofts: 2H (17⁰), 3H (19⁰), 4H (22⁰), 5H (26⁰), 6H (30⁰)

Loft adjustability: 5 settings: +-1.5⁰ (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰)

Lie angles: 2H (58⁰), 3H (58.5⁰), 4H (59⁰), 5H (59.5⁰), 6H (60⁰)

Lie adjustability: Up to 3⁰ flat

Std. lengths: 2H (40 3/4"), 3H (40 1/4"), 4H (39 3/4"), 5H (39 1/4"), 6H (38 3/4")

Std. grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet in six sizes (Blue -1/16", Red -1/32", Aqua -1/64", White Std., Gold +1/32", Orange +1/16")

Stock shaft option: PING Alta CB Red (counter-balanced) 70 (SR, R, S, X)

No-upcharge shaft options: PING Tour 85 (R, S, X); Project X EvenFlow Black 85 (5.5, 6.0, 6.5); Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70 (R); Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 80 (S, TX)

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