Top 10 Golf Grips


From Golf Pride to Lamkin and Superstroke, the top 10 golf grips on the market 

Golf pride Tour Velvet 360 - from £6

www.golfpride.comWeight: 50g (Tour Velvet standard is 45g) | Colours: Black | Sizes: Standard (Tour Velvet is available in Standard, Midsize, Jumbo and Junior)

Our verdict: The most popular grip in golf and favoured by more tour players than any other. An excellent blend of all-weather performance with a soft feel and high levels of traction. A new Plus4 models replicates having 4 layers of tape under the grip.

tour velvet

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Golf pride MCC Align - £16

www.golfpride.comWeight: 51g (Midsize is 62g) | Colours: One only | Sizes: Standard or Midsize.

Our verdict: The Align is Golf Pride's latest grip and it has a firmer, slightly raised strip along the back to heighten the sensation in your hands and give you a more consistent hold. Delivers brilliant feel and all-weather control.


Golf pride MCC - £14

www.golfpride.comWeight: 46.5g | Colours: Five | Sizes: Standard or Midsize

Our verdict: Rory McIlroy's grip of choice. This hybrid blends brushed cord in the upper hand for rm all-weather control with a softer rubber in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness. A slightly firmer feel than a typical cordless grip.


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Lamkin UTx Cord - £13 52g | Colours: Five | Sizes: Standard and Midsize

Our verdict: You'll find these on everything from TaylorMade's M1 irons to Callaway's Mack Daddy forged wedges. They're an excellent blend of tacky rubber with a firm feel and thanks to a light cord layer they're great at wicking moisture away.


Lamkin Z5 - £13 50g | Colours: Seven | Sizes: Standard and Midsize

Our verdict: New for 2017, with multiple zones and rubber compounds to create lots of traction, without inhibiting comfort and control. Different patterns on the upper, middle and lower sections reflect how each hand works during the swing.


Iomic Sticky 2.3 - £12

www.iomicgrips.comWeight: 50g | Colours: Ten | Sizes: Standard and Midsize

Our verdict: The Sticky is made from an elastomer compound so the designers reckon it doesn't go hard, shiny or brittle over time like a conventional rubber grip. It's an excellent performer in the wet, too.


SuperStroke S-Tech - £9 52g | Colours: Four | Sizes: Standard and Midsize

Our verdict: Sergio Garcia won the Masters using these and Jordan Spieth swears by his. They have a soft, tacky feel for heightened feedback and control. The cross-traction surface provides non-slip all weather performance, too.


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SuperStroke TX1 Tour - £15 52g | Colours: Five | Sizes: Standard and Midsize

Our verdict: Combines premium rubbers and a corded upper section for control. Corded grips usually mean higher prices so we reckon if you don't specifically need them it's worth sticking to rubber only models as they can deliver a slightly softer feel.


G-Rip A-Tac - £6

www.g-rip.comWeight: 50g | Colours: Six | Sizes: Standard only.

Our verdict: You won't find many grips that get tackier in the wet or when your hands are clammy, but that's exactly what the A-Tac does. Give the wet grip a rub over with a towel and it becomes stickier, great if you play regularly in rain.

grip a rip

Winn Dri-Tac - £10

www.adoregolfgrips.comWeight: 48g | Colours: Three | Sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize, Ladies and Juniors.

Our verdict: The Dri-Tac is particularly well suited to golfers who demand the softest-feeling grip with a good degree of shock dampening (which is easy on the joints), but still demand inclement weather performance.

winn dri-tac