Stewart Golf reveal Q Follow electric trolley


Stewart Golf “leave no stone unturned” in new tech-packed Q Follow electric golf trolley, as British brand launches the most compact cart of its kind.

Stewart Golf’s electric trolleys are very much like Bentleys – they’re made in Britain with high-quality materials, you don’t see them at every turn and new models only coming to market after years of hard work and innovation. And that’s exactly the case with the new Q Follow, or “the leader in follow” as Stewart Golf describe their new premium model.

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The rear view of Stewart golf's Q Follow electric trolley and remote.

Years of ideas and development have created the world’s most compact “follow” trolley, coming in at just 545mm high, 600mm wide and 318mm deep when folded. It is made from a super-strong yet ultra-light new honeycomb composite material, with its production process ensures the finish of every Q Follow is unique.

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Seventh-generation “Follow” electronics mean this trolley will go wherever you go, within a 50m range, following the bluetooth remote that attaches to your belt or back trouser pocket, adjusting to your pace and stopping when you do.

Each Stewart Golf Q Follow trolley has a unique finish.

You can also use the USB-rechargable remote to bring the trolley to you when you’ve found a ball in the rough, manoeuvre the Q Follow over bridges and around the green, or send it on to the next tee as you putt, adjusting the speed easily and bringing it to a halt at the push off a button.

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It can also be used like a traditional electric model when required by attaching the remote to a catch above the handle and steering it manually.


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The new trolley uses a specially developed new stabiliser bar, meaning it won’t topple over when it follows you to find your ball after you’ve carved it into the hills or down a slope off the tee!

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The innovative stabiliser, which automatically deploys and retracts during the trolley’s simple folding and unfolding process, works with the Q Follow’s low centre of gravity to keep it stable and upright even on undulating slopes and steep hills.

The stabiliser ensures Stewart Golf's Q Follow never topples over.

Each trolley features a carbon fibre finish on the handle, main support, undertray, and wheel arches to add a premium touch, while a new carry handle makes the trolley easy to carry and lift in and out of the car with just one hand.

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The innovative new design also allows the trolley to stand safely on its end for further ease of transportation and storage.

The new carry handle makes Stewart Golf's Q Follow easy to transport.

Stewart’s easy-to-use new 36-hole plug-and-play lithium battery comes as standard and it also links up with their new free smartphone app which allows you to check exactly how much charge you have left and the health of your battery before you set out for another round.

Stewart Golf Q Follow has a 36-hole plug-and-play lithium battery which can be monitored from a phone app.

As you’d expect from a premium product, the Q Follow has all the usual features of a top-of-the-range model; Scorecard holder, soft-touch handle and bag strap, handset storage, anti-twist locking bag key, four accessory points, cruise control, quick release wheels and an umbrella holder mount, all of which come as standard.

Stewart Golf have created the most compact

Mark Stewart, CEO of Stewart Golf, said: “Stewart Golf was founded on the principle of creating distinctive, innovative machines that enhance golfer’s enjoyment of our wonderful game.

“Our design team has worked incredibly hard for four years and left no stone unturned in the quest to develop this vision.

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“In the Q Follow, we believe the result is exceptional; effortlessly combining the sheer enjoyment of our Follow and remote control systems with a machine that is robust, beautiful and practical.”

Stewart Golf say the Q follow is

The new trolley will sell alongside the incredibly successful and iconic X9 series, offering customers the choice between the two designs, while Stewart’s new premium StaffPro Cart Bag (black/red, black/blue, black/grey, £199) and SuperSport Cart Bags (black, red, blue, £159) are designed to fit perfectly on the brand’s range of electric and push trolleys.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow costs £1,749. Find out more and order from

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