Cobra Golf reveal first full line of 3D printed multi-material putters


Cobra Golf aim to shake up the putters market with high-MOI King 3D-printed models and classic Vintage flatsticks.

Cobra have long wanted to tap into the lucrative golf putter market but, where other brands may have dived in earlier, they have waited in the wings until they had technologies capable of moving the market forward, and making a real difference to a golfer’s performance.

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Keen not to just become ‘another’ putter brand, it’s taken Cobra eight long years to make their move but, thanks to the benefits of 3D printing, they reckon they’ve spotted their perfect opportunity.

Cobra Golf's King 3D-printed putter series – Grandsport, Supernova and Agera.

Cobra gave a sneak peak of their hand last November when they launched the Supersport-35, the first commercially viable 3D-printed putter, created as part of a multi-year agreement with Hewlett Packard.

That model showed how 3D-printed technology enables putter designers to layer up a steel head in a lattice network, which removes mass from the centre and isn’t possible when casting, forging or CNC Milling.

Cobra King GrandSport-35 3D-printed golf putter.

Cobra’s learnings have led to the launch of three new high MOI performance 3D-printed putters, the GrandSport-35 (blade), SuperNova (fang) and the Agera (mallet), all priced at £269, alongside some classic Vintage models at £199.

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The new models, which are all named after supercars, take the idea a step further with a lightweight nylon lattice cartridge sitting at the core of each of the new 3D-printed putters. Alongside a new lightweight aluminium crown design, the cartridge helps to free up more than 100 grams of weight, which is an incredible amount. It also helps to dampen vibrations and fine tune the sound.

Cobra King GrandSport-35 3D-printed golf putter.

Each 3D-printed putter has a multi-material construction, featuring a steel chassis, forged aluminum crown, tungsten weights and a SIK Face Insert.  

Bryson Dechambeau hooked Cobra up with SIK Golf who, up until now, have made his personal putter. SIK’s Descending Loft Technology is designed to gives more consistent launch and roll on the greens, with Cobra signing a multi-year deal to use the face tech for themselves.

Cobra King SuperNova 3D-printed golf putter.

The GrandSport is an oversized blade shape available as a plumber’s neck with 35° toe hang or armlock with plumber’s neck and 45° toe hang.

The Cobra King SuperNova is a fanged design that offers excellent stability on off-centre hits. Available in single bend, face balanced with 0° toe hang, it is ideal for straighter putting strokes.  

Cobra King SuperNova 3D-printed golf putter.

The Agera is an oversized mallet that is available in both a standard length and armlock model. The Face Balanced set-up makes it a good choice for straighter putting strokes. 

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But how much more MOI do the three models offer? Using a robot, Cobra found their GrandSport, SuperNova and Agera boast between 21% – 53% more MOI performance than market-leading models.

And to put that into context, on a putting robot the Agera (Cobra’s highest MOI putter) when hit 1” off the toe, could still hole a putt from 16 feet when a very popular MOI tour alternative missed from 13 feet.

Cobra King Agera 3D-printed golf putter.

In another first, the King 3D putters will be the first connected putters on the market thanks to an Arccos shot tracker in the end of each Lamkin Sink Fit grip.

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Having delved into the data, Cobra believe giving golfers access to their putting stats gives golfers a great opportunity to cut out three putts and increase their one-putt percentage.

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Alongside their King 3D Printed Putters Series, Cobra are ensuring they cover all bases with the more traditional King Vintage line-up.

The models, which have cast 304 construction, include the SIK aluminium face insert with the brand’s Descending Loft Technology, an Arccos shot tracker in the grip and have adjustable sole weighting. Their more traditional construction makes them cheaper than the 3D models at £199 each.

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The Cobra King Vintage Sport 45 putter.

The Cobra King Vintage Sport 45 putter is a traditional blade shape with a plumber’s neck hosel. A 45° toe hang means the Sport is designed for players with slight arc strokes. A single sightline and clean top rail aid alignment for golfers who use the top rail to set-up square to their target.

The Cobra King Vintage Sport 45 putter.

The King Vintage Sport 60 putter is a classic toe and heel weighted blade shape, and it’s flow neck design gives 60° of toe hang, which means it’s a good fit for strong arc strokes.

The Vintage Nova and Nova 40 putters are fang-shaped models that enhance stability, frame the ball and show the putter’s path brilliantly too.

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Cobra King Vintage Nova putter.

To ensure there’s a fang option for all golfers the Nova comes in both a face balanced (Nova) and slant neck, toe hang (Nova 40) model. Where the Nova is better suited to straight back and through strokes the toe hang of the Nova 40 is much more at home in the hands of slight arc players.

Cobra King Vintage Stingray putter.

The Cobra King Vintage Stingray and Stingray 40 putters are oversized mallets and the highest MOI Vintage model. The Stingray is available in both a single bend, face balanced model that’s designed for straighter strokes, and a 40° toe hang set-up that’s more for arc players.

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