Wilson Triad: The golf ball that will help you break 80


Wilson Triad is the brand’s most technologically advanced golf ball with the three-piece urethane model designed to help you break 80.

Wilson’s have set a bold goal for their new Triad golf ball – to become the go-to model for club golfers who are striving to break 80.

No, it’s not a magic ball and it doesn’t come with a remote control… but it has been designed to achieve the three key goals required in a round to break the magic number: hitting three more fairways, finding five more greens, and holing three more putts.

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The Wilson Triad golf ball has been designed to help golfers break 80.

It’s hard to believe that such a ball could be developed, but that’s because golf balls are usually sold on the grounds of being faster, longer, spinnier or softer.

The innovative Triad uses Wilson’s exclusive T3 Technology, which has been designed to provide total performance from tee to green. The construction produces a high MOI that reduces driver spin off the tee, while increasing speed through the shot for a long and stable ball flight intended to find fairways more often.

The Wilson Triad golf ball has been designed to help golfers break 80 by moving more weight closer to the perimeter.

Moment Of Inertia is something we hear a lot when it comes to clubs, but is rarely mentioned when it comes to golf balls. To achieve the higher MOI, Wilson engineers moved weight from the core (the ball’s heaviest part) to the outside of the ball. The transfer of weight also helped achieve perfect balance in the Triad, which results in straighter shots into the green and straighter putts.

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“The results we’ve seen during our product testing have been incredible, with ‘best in class’ results for speed and distance off the tee and scoring and spin rates with irons when measured against the performance of eight rival golf balls currently on the market,” Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation at Wilson Golf, told Today’s Golfer.

The Wilson Triad golf ball has been designed to help golfers break 80.

The 85-compression Triad also includes Wilson’s thinnest-ever cast urethane cover. Designed to provide high friction and create more grip between the ball and the clubface on short shots, club golfers should find they get extra spin and more feel with mid-to-low irons, allowing them to attack more pins.

The way the Triad has been constructed ensures uniform density through the three layers – rubber core, thermoplastic layer and urethane cover – and eliminates any manufacturing inconsistencies inside the ball to ensured the perfect balance and pure roll on the greens.

The Wilson Triad golf ball has been designed to help golfers break 80 by increasing MOI.

“We are very excited to introduce this innovative golf ball for a growing community of competitive players who want to take their game to the next level,” Tim Clarke, General Manager of Wilson Golf, said.

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“The competitive golfer striving to break 80 is who Wilson Labs had in mind while engineering the T3 Technology of Triad, allowing for pinpoint accuracy from anywhere on the course.”

The Triad sits between Wilson’s four-piece Staff Model ball, which is aimed at tour players and single-figure golfers, and the two-piece Duo Soft +, a ball which targets club golfers who want super soft feel along with excellent distance and a straight flight.

The Wilson Triad golf ball sits between the brand's Duo Soft+ and Staff Model golf balls.

There’s a Triad R, too – a raw, unpainted version of the ball. Wilson revealed raw golf balls with the Staff Model R back in 2020 having found that the traditional three coats of paint can be inconsistently applied, and pool, covering 30% of a dimple’s depth and detract from the ball’s aerodynamic performance.

Wilson say that means the most consistent and accurate ball will be unpainted. Be warned that it will discolour slightly during play but that doesn’t impact performance.

The non-coated Wilson Triad R golf ball is even more accurate.

Triad and Triad R go on sale on February 15th priced at £39 per dozen.

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